Friday, April 22, 2011

Day80 of 365 days in the life of our farm in the USA

Another rainy day here on Mahanaim farm, we hope to get the buckwheat in the ground today, but it might be to wet.  We are planting buck wheat mixed with blue grass, mixed with lentils to give the pasture a good mix, since the trailer, weather and other such things really mucked up the pasture that was there before.

Gonna try and look at a few new wool sheep for the flock as I am trading I think 4 off for a beefalo calf, I hope this turns out to be a good trade, so far the price has changed once and the nice man volunteered info that I felt was a bit odd, since he knew I was buying them to raise for the freezer.  I may talk to J about this and see what she thinks about just getting one and maybe talking to the other nice lady at school about buying an Angus bull instead.  She only wants a buck a pound and well Tony seems to want almost 4 bucks a pound if I understood him correctly.  As where I know it would be a trading deal I do not like the way it all changed.  I call him from school to see what cash amount he would want between the two bulls and my sheep, and some how it turned into something else. Who knows what is going on, not me I can tell you that, and where I do not want to burn bridges a temporary road block might not be a bad idea, lol.
goat already got out this morning, I will be so glad when the new fences are up....oh dandy now the horses are out, lol .  It is going to be one of those kinds of days.
We paid the older boys to clean moos pen in the barn, and it is clean and I think restawed, still have a bunch of pens to reclean and rehay, it's just that time of year.  Most of the dirt in the expanded garden came from the muck in the barn, you should see the pile....

Got 9 tomato plants in the ground and a bunch of pea plants.  Harvested our first peas, not a ton, but it is a start.  Planting corn tomorrow.  Our strawberries are growing really fast and they are huge berries.  We also got the last apple tree in the ground, we now have 4 apple trees, so our future apple crop is in my dreams.  Our two plum trees seem to be doing well.  The blue berry plant has started to recover and Michael and I have talked about getting two smaller bushes from Tricounty farm supply.  I had ordered 6 new raspberry plants, gold ones, but I have heard nothing about them yet and I am having a hard time trying to find the person I am getting them from.  With school it has been very hard to get very much done.

I got some of my flour and grain in and tried to mess it up as soon as it got here.  I got the bag of soy flour wet and not knowing that it had a plastic liner under the paper I opened it and poured it into a huge plastic tub, into seal-a-meal bags tomorrow...that is gonna be a lot of bags...
I also bought 50 pounds of quick cook oats, which was a great deal, and I foresee allot of granola in the future...and yummy oatmeal bread and cookies. The other bag I bought is soybeans and I plan to leave them alone till I need them.  Next week our wheat will be here and I will start grinding our own flour.  Everything is a step in a process, I try hard not to do to many changes at a time, but I admittedly I sometimes get in over my head and I am grateful to G-d for the kind and loving friends who both put up with me and help me threw my less productive moments.

On to my kitchen , we have not made much progress, as I said above school is consuming so much of my time, that between it and the farm issues I have little time for anything else.  The storms are constantly at our doors and it seems like it will never dry out, this week is rain all week again.   It is good for the gardens, bad for my 

Do not know what is going on with our cow...I wish I did, she is huge but not bagging up, so we are still in waiting mode.  Chava the oldest dam of my goats, has started bagging and is in milk so I am guessing I will have a new baby goat any time. I trimmed her feet today, one down, ten more to
I still have sheep ready to kid at anytime and the man coming to shear them next Friday.  I have some friends coming over to watch the show, it should be really fun and we should have some good wool out of it. 
The baby horse hurt his leg, but I guess he is feeling better, Michael socked it in Epsom salt. The other horses seem to be doing good. 
So today the grass is greener, the trees filling out and one more day has passed on our little farm...

Be Blessed dear ones and know that no matter where you are our hearts and our love our with you...

Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm...USA

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