Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 70 of 365 days of our life on our family farm

I was going to write about the governmental budget but figure it would go better on my other blog, he is the link:

Today has been a costly day, both time wise and money wise.  My van was done, it was the hose but not the hose...lol  I had tow replace the upper and lower radiator hose and the water pump.  the cost for my fun filled activity, $416.00 and $12.00 bucks for gas.  I did not get to take Lady to the vet to get her stitches removed and I am trying to figure out what to do about it.  I and Rachael may have to take them out ourselves...not looking forward to that. 
Still trying to catch up on the eggs...now I am out of cartons,figures...lol

Liquid fire pours into the ocean, seas curn, fish cook from the inside to their surface... the fire flows on.
Radiation flows through the clouds like little tiny embers, flowing to and fro.  Clouds building into huge towers pouring down upon the earth and laying ice and fire in its wake.  Recreating the land, giving new life and taking life.  Creation, drestruction both are the same.

I bought some new seeds today, I bought giant watermellon, giant catalope, gaint sunflowers,and giant pumkin.  I was going to buy giant corn , but I thought it was corny enough around here.

One of my good firends called today, we hang out at Ozarka together, anyway she is ordering some red wheat and soy flour, she found some great deals so if you are local you have till friday to let me know if you need anything.  Today she told me red winter wheat this years cut, natural grown, 50 pounds for 20 dollars.  I think it was like 25 pounds of full fat soy flour for $31.00, non GMO.  this is a great deal and I am sure we have other things we can get, like rice, J is finding out for us and will let us know when she gets a chance.  I am planning on getting 2 bags of wheat and a least one soy flour, I need so many things, but I am limited by space for storage.  I bought two 50 pound bags of organic kelp from Canada before the leaks.  So if anyone needs any I have some, just ask.  J has bought up about making a tinenger from black walnut, which is a type of iodine,so I guess I should share this with you all, since you can use it to worm animals and people, make water drinkable and other things, like treat wounds, basicly like you would use any other form of iodine. 

You will need a half gallon jar, a quart of Vodka and some black walnuts hulls, you can do this with out the shells. Add the walnut hulls loosely in the jar,at least half of the way full, cover the husks with the vodka up to 1/2 from the top of the jar.  Set the jar in the sun for about 6 days, bring in on the seventh and strain the husks off and restrain the rest through butter muslin, use 5 drops to clean water.  3 drops under the tounge to purge parisites.  if you need to know the other uses let me know and I will try to get you some links.

I have enclosed a link to a video I thougth was cute, some one else is trainng their cows to be riden and even to jump, my cow is very good at that all ready...lol


Ok off to the hubbies post...

News From The Doghouse and another day...
Sleep a little late today only to get woke up by Lady then later on Elijah tickling my feet and Lady licking me at the same time then Elisha pounced me, happy day!
Had coffee, waiting for it to warm up outside, as it got down to 33F or so...tossed wood on last night around 3:45AM, but I went to bed cold and tired, as I took the radiator hose off the van because we had a leak, lots of fun getting wet and laying on the ground and cold wind blowing....didn't sleep well because I was worried about the van and was afraid it was the water pump....well this morning I put the new hose on and it was still dripping water, so it was the water pump, so it got sent off to the service center and the real Chevy mechanics....did the feeding chores a bit later than usual, if there is a usual...collect some nice big quail eggs, then got the Bears outside today around 1 PM and we did stuff, played some on the tire swing and we rolled used tires to the pile over by the studio house, the tires were accumalating around the Blue Jeep and I was trying to get the yard cleaned up some, so the Bears and I had some fun while I kind of worked a bit...they got tired and cold I guess, and wanted back in and they went to Wii and took turns and went on the computer to nick jr. educational pages...got around to the barn chores and collected some eggs from the usual characters...fixed an old cage to use for the swap and containment of muscovy ducks...after all that I worked on popping nails out of boards piled up and then worked on cutting down a wild cherry tree that was caged up with 3 sets of cages....dunno why someone did that....just getting it out of the way, so I can start to get our fruit trees planted soon....pulled off 3 web nests of spider web catepillars on the apple tree...lots of blossoms there and did not lose too many petals to all the storms recently....another adventurous day tomorrow again I guess.
Be blessed dear ones and know that we are here for you and that you are loved...be nice to everyone...
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

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