Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 68 of life on our small family farm

News From The Doghouse and evasion of the search engines....
Had a good time at the swap meet, more of an adventure I guess...our 1st appearance of the season there, woo hoo....there were Mennonites there, they were all dressed in uniform, black baseball hats that looked like something from ATF or some agency and
The Bears and I went over to the old gas station and basically candy store and got some the swap we sold some excess stock of birds, seen old acquaitances and customers, and had a basically good time with our 1st appearance with the van and horse trailer, next week, weather permitting should be even better...afterwords we went to Ryan's steakhouse and munched out quite well...forgot to mention the Bears went picking dandelions and greens a.k.a. "poofy-heads"
got home and did some stuff, but basically took it easy, seen a bat cruising around...
Sunday we rolled hay out to Moo and to the sheep, did all the usual chores and it was warm here 84F...Monday suppose to rain and get cold evening time like 33F wheelbarrowed the wood that was delivered awhile back, down to the basement getting ready for the approaching storm....and today Elijah helped me alot...and we seen a yellow swallow tail butterfly....had a white feathered footed pigeon escape on me, its hanging around, so hopefully we will catch it in a day or 2...we also bought some white pigeons from one of the Mennonite kids, come to think of it  I should have had the camera with me for some picture taking of the swap meet, maybe next time...did see this unusual cloud at the swap was round like a jet let a stream out but was turning around...kind of oval shaped like a racetrack I guess...I would say the jet thing except it was dark inside the circle....maybe it was the camoflage of the "craft" as it was headed noth northwest to Whiteman AFB  I do remember seeing some pics like it on weather channel, think it was indicator of some closed front system with extreme temp difference to surrounding area and yada yada yada....was very cool looking though
everyone was kind of tired today, maybe the weather being so warm from the brisk cool we are use to, so we all took naps and it through me behind a bit, but that was alright anyhow

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