Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 69 of 365 days of our life on our small family farm in America

The Tailor.
The poor Jewish tailor is beside himself with worry. His wife is very ill and he wants the best doctor in town to treat her. But the doctor is somewhat reluctant because the tailor is so poor and, it being unlikely that his wife could be saved, the tailor might not pay him should his wife die. However, the tailor promises he will pay anything, no matter whether the doctor cures his wife or kills her!
This is sufficient for the doctor and he agrees.
Unfortunately, the doctor cannot save her and the tailor's wife dies.
However, when the doctor's bill arrives the tailor refuses to pay it despite his promise. After much argument, the doctor and the tailor agree to let the Rabbi decide the case since they both are, after all, Jewish.
The doctor puts his case to the Rabbi that the tailor promised to pay "no matter whether the doctor cured his wife or killed her."
After much thought the Rabbi asks the doctor, "Did you cure her?"
"No," admitted the doctor.
"And did you kill her?" "I certainly did not," expostulated the doctor.
"In that case," said the Rabbi, "the tailor has no case to answer because you fulfilled neither of the conditions on which you agreed that the fee should be paid."

 How to can Milk.....

I have been canning goat’s milk for many years and this past year canned my first cow milk.  I have plans to can butter (it never melt again once you do this) and cheese at some point (after the new kitchen is done.).

Ok so here is the basics of canning milk and please keep in mind the that the FDA says this is a big no,no...Whistling....ok now that I said that...

Do not use cold milk...ever; if you have stored the milk bring it up to at least 97 degrees before doing this.
Make sure you leave a 1/2 inch space at the top of the jar.  Put the lids on the jars while they are still hot. Screw the rings on the lids.  Place as many jars as you can inside the canner.  Close your canner and let the steam vent for 10 minutes place your weight back on and bring it up to 10 pounds of pressure. The time is 35 minutes for half gallons, 25 minutes for quart size and 20 minutes for pint sized jars.
when your done the milk with have a yellow sort color to it.  Once it cools the cream with come to the top of the milk and this is cool and safe, no worries.  I leave the jars in the kitchen for a few days, of course leave them site for 12 hours, without touching them, but if something has gone wrong in three days you will know.  Never water bath milk it is just not safe, plus it would take forever.  I have tried it and wasted good milk.

 Other than this my day was greated by waves of thunder and lighting, more rain, high winds and other such pleasures that have now passed us.  The goat shelter was damaged, not goats were hurt though...thank goodness and the basement door blew open.  We lost yet more roofing and I hope that it soon will dry our long enough for us to start work on the roof.  I fear that this weather which will last for a little while longer, maybe a month, maybe longer, will not be the worst of it.  I fear a long dry summer, maybe no rain at all followed by more months of rain.  
Had to go to the store tonight after school, needed more animals feed and food for the house.  Had to buy coffee as I was finding our selves drinking back up coffee.  I paid like 6 bucks for a can of maxwell house coffee, I have been warning people for months about he price of coffee, sugar and chocolate, but wow.  Not only did I have to pay this for coffee, but they were out of cooking oil, sugar and a few other things that I thought were quite odd.  I had sugar put up, so I did not get to upset over that, but the oil sort of made me mad...I refuse to buy canola, because of GMO, no one should have to eat that stuff...yuck!  When I left the store and returne dto the van I was created by a pool of radiator coolent on the ground...some nice people tryed to help, but I had a bad hose, nursed home and had my Eldest son go to the parts store for a new hose and coolient, that was a quick 50.00 bucks and until tomorrow , I will not even know if that was the problem.  Have to take the dog to the vet, her wound from surgury is infected, I can see a pocket of puss, and I am not touching it, that is what a vet is for.  I was call the shelter first as I was to be there tomorrow to try and get photos of the other dogs and give them a lookin over. I was going to work on some tiny horses tomorrow, but I will have to call and cancle that, bummer...We almost always stop at Hardy when we go to work on them and we have such a nice time...they have such lovley shops.  so no shopping for me, the puppy is more important.  
I have less than a month of school left this term and I am looking foward to some well earned rest and farm chores...
Ok I guess I have bored you all enough, so on to the hbbies post:
News From The Doghouse and The Lightning Storm....
Woke up to the house shaking and all sorts of booms, lasted all morning, and after all that strong was from the warm air colliding with the cold air front I guess...other parts of the country got golf ball and tennis ball size hail, we didn't get any I believe, this time...we did get @5" rain much I decided to forego the usual trash run to the road dump...did the chores and discovered the basement door blown open from the suction of the wind and the roof of the goats and Wiggle the mini-cow's hut was blown off too...lucky no one got crushed, but they were all inside the structure and were all still standing there in their little corner, guess they were pretending they were dry lol...well we have an available stall open in the barn now since we sold the 3 musketeers including Miracle was ready to go back to the barn lol....
The lightning was hitting very loudy and shaking the house quite often...several sounding like field artillery cannons and rifle shots, and grew in intensity....the last one was extremely loud and struck a nearby tree I believe, and for several seconds sounded like someone shaking sheet metal and then the BOOM echoed fpr a good 20 seconds going away in rolling thunder, I wonder how many miles away they heard that one, then it stopped suddenly after that....Poor old little Pumpkinbear was in his bed and still would not get in with us, he hasn't for the last few nights, guess he's trying to be a big boy...finally after trying to coax him to get in with us, I got up and got him and said we need you to protect us, ok? and he was very happy to hop in! so we all sat there and then Lady came in and started licking us as well...oy....But Elisha was very glad to be the king of the show...
Got outside and surveyed the grounds and it was not too bad, just the aforementioned door and roof top....lots of water, no need to fill the water troughs today lol....collected eggs and the birds seemed alright, but I bet it will effect or affect the egg laying within the next couple of days, not so good for us, as we are shipping out boxes left and right, especially schools that order for their kids learning and lab stuff...some can pay for the service, some cannot, we try to help them all, as it is important for if I can only get them to read Torah and Talmud like the Koreans
Be Blessed dear ones and know that you are loved...
Shekhinah, Michael and the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm
One of our Cayuga duck eggs, they are not all this dark, but they are so cool.

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