Monday, April 11, 2011

day 74 of 365 days of our lives on our small family farm

"The annual attempts to resume the Passover sacrifice received a first
significant rabbinical backing recently. Safed's Chief Rabbi Shmuel
Eliyahu, a prominent religious Zionism leader, has called on the public
to perform the sacrifice mitzvah on the eve of the Jewish holiday, in
about two weeks.

Speaking during a Halacha lesson in Jerusalem last week, the rabbi
warned that Jews evading the mitzvah were risking "Kareth" - a
supernatural punishment for transgressing Jewish Law.

According to Rabbi Eliyahu there is a halachic, legal and public
possibility to offer a Passover sacrifice these days. During the lesson,
he quoted senior rabbinical authorities, adding that Rabbi Zvi Hirsch
Kalisher – one of the founders of modern and religious Zionism –
had asked the Turkish sultan to allot an area on the Temple Mount for
the erection of an altar for a Passover sacrifice.

The Safed rabbi went on to say that the Passover sacrifice could be
slaughtered in front of the Dome of the Rock plaza, although the Temple
no longer exists and the people of Israel are defined as "tameh met" (in
a status of impurity which comes from contact with a dead body).

In order to overcome the greatest obstacle, beyond the political
problem, an altar must be erected, the rabbi said. He also called for
the preparation of "priesthood clothes", which are the only ones in
which Kohanim (priests) can perform their work at the Temple.

Mission possible

Addressing the legal aspect, Rabbi Eliyahu claimed that every person has
the right to perform the commandment of his religion according to his
own understanding. He added that petitions filed with the High Court of
Justice against the sacrifice were accepted only because the police were
unprepared to secure the ceremony.

"It's perfectly clear that if the public pressures its representatives
in the government or in the Knesset, everything will change. If the
judges have ruled that the police must secure simpler protests, why not
the Passover sacrifice?"

Eliyahu rejected the claim that it was impossible to resume the mitzvah
publicly. Addressing the international diplomatic ramifications, he
said, "We are being threatened that any movement on our part on the
Temple Mount will launch the third world war… (But) we can free our
souls of the horror of the gentiles, just like we freed ourselves before
the Exodus."

He rejected the internal opposition too. "Some fear the public echo of
the Passover sacrifice – how will the seculars view it? What will
the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals say? The truth is
that this should not even be discussed…

"We have already been scorned for the circumcision mitzvah, persecuted
and condemned to death for that. Today the UN's health organization
recommends that all men undergo circumcision in order to avoid

Rabbi Eliyahu said the Torah had predicted that some would mock the
sacrifice mitzvah. Such a person, he noted, is called in the Passover
Haggadah, the "wicked son", who cleans his hands and says, "This
doesn't belong to me, this blood and primitiveness. I am an
enlightened person. I respect animals. I don't slaughter them
barbarically. "

The rabbi estimated, based on the Bible stories, that those who oppose
this mitzvah would eventually change their mind and join the Temple

In order to increase the motivation to offer a Passover sacrifice,
Eliyahu noted that this is one of two "active mitzvot" (along with the
circumcision) , and that those evading it risk supernatural punishment
and "cause great damage to themselves and to the entire world".

He added that his father, former Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, wrote
that this custom may still exist these days.

"These things should make us break the spiritual barrier preventing us
from thinking about offering the Passover sacrifice," Rabbi Eliyahu

He said his remarks were not lip service, but laws being learned "as a
real demand and real preparation for the Passover sacrifice. Although we
are not used to it, and have gotten used to living without a temple, we
must change our ways." "

News From The Doghouse and trouble like there has never been...
woke up tired, tired from the heat exhaustion and extra work, tired from shenanigans as well...Elijah tickled my feet several times and Lady also was at me trying to get me up, they are so happy when they attack me, seemed everytime I dozed back off I started to dream and got woke up again... we went to Hardy to work on 3 horses and had vehicle trouble, overheating when the air conditioning was on, so we roasted a little bit stopped at a few garage sales yards sales and then to the grocery store and got some goodies for supper and snack times, the Bears' like the animal crackers and moon pies, I get fig bars  got home somewhat late in the day, it was 90F on the back porch in the shade, checked and got water for all the critters that needed it, then came in and listened to the Borscht Blender on WEFT a.k.a. The Rabbi's Show officially now I guess, although the web page still says Borscht Blender which I have known it as for the last 15 or 20 years  after the radio show on the computer, I got outside to the barn and started on those chores, with fresh cold water for the yard birds 1st, then started my usual routine of doing things, then when I got to the yard birds, recheck the water and refill and then feed them, watered the pot belly pigs 3 times today, the last bucket of water was still when I finally came in for the night, made sure Moo's was and the goats trough was filled twice and I gave them another extra bucket for just in case, never know with expectant mommies...egg collection has been good, depsite the excess heat, which usually causes it to slack off for some of the birds, although the silkies and the guineas seem to thrive in this stuff for some reason, the royal black quail still put out nice big eggs, where as the regular cortuinex <--sp? quail will stop, then we have the little peepers in the brooder box and the finisher that has new baby quail, duckies, a goose or 2, and chicks, really like this type of "warmth" even with the heater stuff on now, their all reptilians I am sure of it  We got a double yolker egg from the Americanas today also, its blue and twice the size of normal, like the size of a small goose egg...tomorrow night it is suppose to be 42F and 60s Tuesday daytime, we have had the air conditioner on for the last few days none stop, like it was summer time here in Arkansas, hopefully tomorrow I can get trash dumped and maybe get some trees planted, the Bears and I seen lots more butterflies on the blossoming tree out front and seen a few monarchs as well at the clients house today, but they did not have the diversity like we have here for some reason 
another blogspot site on the religious in Israel, like it never ends, Moshiach will have his work cut out and his hands full, maybe Moses would understand it, after Jethro explained it and showed him the error of his ways
Be Blessed dear ones and know that you are loved...
Michael, Shekhinah, and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

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