Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 73 of 365 day of our lives on our family farm

News From The Doghouse and Extinction Level Event...
Forgot to mention about Friday, when I was loading up peeps from the back porch, the Boss turned on the air conditioner, because it was so hot in the house, because we had to close some doors as the doggie was busting down the doors and letting herself out repeatedly so closing the doors caused the house to lose airflow, but we talked about it earlier when she came home from trash pick up at school...only problem was I was a little bit busy trying to catch an escapee, chicken in this instance, but the problem was that the air conditioner was still blocked up with insulation and plastic wrap and duct tape and
Saturday woke up very early, still very dark outside and there was lightning up north, we went to the swap in West Plains, loaded with peeps we got there and it was busy as usual, sold and traded, picked up a cage and 6 birds for $25 and this lady then bought 2 of our ducks, it was all she had and she seemed poor or/and desperate, not sure of the whole story, but I guess we did her a great favor, as she was trying to unload what she had and all the other vendors pretty much ignored her...couple of years ago we bought out all these cages and rabbits from a widow and paid what she wanted with no haggle or barter, just helped her out, and all we wanted to begin with was one buck white rabbit, we had most of that stuff sold by the end of the day, with extra to spare...not so today though, brought home all 6 roosters, guess we will be eating them, with maybe one being a quality breeder bird, who knows  we did get rid of most of the ducks, traded some of our mutts for some cayugas with one old timer trader and long time rid of some new born peeps, surprised that Tommy Gobbler Turkey did not go though and some of the other established birds you just never know, next week someone might or could want all of the roosters...after we already butchered them of course the people that ordered the muscovy drake stopped by and their grandson seemed very happy with his pick of the birds, and the people that ordered eggs drove over from Mountain Home to check us out and see the insanity swap and of course get their eggs, they will probably be calling with questions and for advice, which is cool and quite alright  we had other things go on as well, but its been a long day and I am tired...should mention seeing quite a few Monarchs and other types of butterflies here at home, around the Bears wild cherry like tree, still not sure what it is, but it is good and sweet and makes nice jam/jelly and right now it is in flowering stage and smells so very fragrant, like honeysuckle I guess, and Elisha really loved the butterflies and we also picked some nice wild flowers and we'll get pictures, hopefully tomorrow

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