Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 78 of our lives on our family farm in the USA

News From The Doghouse and the Return of the Purculator...
Well been a few days since I last posted, been busy and been tired, wonder why...Thursday was fairly nice and got stuff done as usual, but that night was very stormy and got cooler, between 2 and 4 AM sounded like cyclonic thunderstorms overhead, and with no Arkansas news here, never know what's going on...saw on the weather channel briefly that 7 people got killed here from the storms, then no more news about it, all the news has been about Oklahoma, skips Arkansas and goes to Mississippi and Alabama, so I don't know...east of the River stuff is daytime and happening now, so that is understandable, for up to the minute need to know NOW stuff, but then back to the damage at Oky and nothing again about Arky...don't know why the boycott, must be politika....
Got cold here again, so shut the a/c off in the afternoon and on to the woodburner, actually started the fire in the morning to get rid of dampness and ect...collected the usual eggies from peeps, had a electrical junction box burn out on the back porch and lost lights on those peeps from the storm Thursday night, at 1st thought I lost a light bulb but then discovered it was the line with 3 lights on it, got it fixed, just another banana peel in trying to get things done efficently and have to stop and fix things again yada yada yada
Had time to work on the tires and wheels for the pull trailer and got some parts and pieces together and actually got things installed on the trailer, the system will work with the old house trailer axles that I modified, just need real tires now, not old rotted ones, and the trailer will be a functional assest instead of an eyesore and piece of junk...still need to work on fixing the bed and other stuff, maybe hook-up shock absorbers for weight and what-not.
We gave away some roosters to a some what needy farmstead, 5 I think, still have an overabundance of birds here though, their just eating the grain and getting bulky I guess, waiting for their destiny heh-heh-heh <--evil chicken clucks
We were planning for the swap meet, but after yesterday's drop in temp and with what the weather channel forecasted, we fighured it was going to be too cold with wind chills, and did not see the point in freezing our touchas off...[touchas = happy smiling faces that always has a crack that you sit on] lol
Still got plenty to do, always have plenty to do, so still have dreams of getting things done and accomplished, futility comes to mind, as well as vanity of vanities all is in vain ( or insane) hopefully it will be a better week and Stormy the Lamb and Lady the Wolf and Elijah and Elisha are all happily playing together and at the moment everyone is in naptime...ah peace and tranquility, cherish it 
Be blessed dear ones and know that you are loved...Michael, Shekhinah and all the kids and critters here on Mahanaim Farm

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