Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 71

Today was spent in careing for our new little geese four are alive and doing well and two did not make it, still two eggs do to hatch in the morning.  The poor little dears did not get enough humidity I think.  I am going to have to come up with a better plan if we are going to hatch out such think shell eggs.  I have a little silkie hatching that I wil check on a little latter, I hope all the silkies eggs hatch as they are all ready placed.  This time of year with all the planting shearing, trimming of critter feet, worming, ect is almost over welming...some times it just seems like it will never all be done. 

Moo cow has still not had her baby and we are on active baby watch, four of our prime does and a few sheep are ready at anytime and sleep her on the farm is in two hours shifts as we wait.  

I am counting down the days till I am done with school until the fall, well at least the brick and morter HU all the way!  I swear I will catch up on my school work(just incase any of the Professors are reading  Tomorrow I am attending a clean up party of sorts at the school, it will be great fun and I plan to post the study results of the mess on my other blog.  Still have finals and the compas test to compleate, but I plan to be done soon...I need the sleep.  I was so out of wack today that I got to school half an hour early and thought I was late,honestly, I am mess some times.  

Got oue new trees that we bought from the state of Arkansas, they are such cute little  I spent $20.00 for 10 trees.  So here is what we got, 2 Cow oak(they do not sound yummy), 2 pecan(our some day pecan pies), 2 red oak(those should be nice), 2 Persimmon(yummy jam to follow, along with new wild turkeys and more deer), 2 red Mulberry( good for pie and ice well as bringing in wild life.  So I hope that as a family we can get these and the big trees in the ground very soon.  
We are going to move soil around this weekend and add to the over all size of the garden nearest the house.  we need to plant alot more food this year, just to make it threw as well as to have barter items.
I order my whole winter wheat, some rolled oats and some soy flour and whole soy beans, putting the cart before the horse a bot, but I hope to get the grinder and roller part for my kitchen aid mixer really soon.  The grinder part I am going to buy is made by a company in Germany (The new America, hard working devoted to creating a future for their people, in spite of their past), it cost a bit more, but I feel it is well worth it.  If anyone knows what I am taking about and owns one, please let me know how they like it and what all they are really able to do with it. 

Had a lovley conversation with a lady about how to make soap and where to get the items needed to make soap and if I have not told you all before, making soap in this country is darn near an illegal activity.  The lye is hard to come by and expensive, when one does find it, you must nearly sign your life away to get it. They (the government) tell us that we must do this because some people make drugs with lye(but yet they sell lye with aluminum in it at the grocery store, no paper work required),but I turely think it is some thing more.  making your own soap can save you alot of money and big business will have noone of that. Soap companies make huge profits selling body soap and laundry soap and they hate loosing money. 

Anyway enough of my are some of the other family members post.

Our daughter Rachael:

Today was a good day..After doing my morning chores of milking the goats, and then feeding and watering the goats, I grazed my mare Dreamer in the front pasture then groomed her and sprayed her down with fly spray. I also worked a little bit with her halter showmanship for the horse show. She is very good for the most part of the halter showmanship but her backing, circling, and standing square needs a little practice. She is doing a lot better. I also grazed my colt El-Shadi for a little while then groomed and sprayed him also. El-Shadi and the other horses will be started on clicker training with in the next few days and Dreamer with be introduced to the new horse trailer in the next few days, on to dads horse Samson he is so tall which made it hard to reach his ears to wipe them with fly repellent. After I finished with the lovely horses I checked on our sweet Moo cow.I brushed her and then sprayed her as well...tonight I will be heading back outside to put up the baby goats and gather the barn and barnyard eggs..Then outside with the camera to take a picture of the sunset which is always so beautiful.

I would like to thank everyone who reads our blog 

Rachael Townsend

Now to Dah'veed's
Morning struck at the crow of the rooster, and the baby with the t.v up too loud. He doesn't seem to understand he doesn't own the remote. 

I haven't blogged in quite a while, and i'm aware of this. I've just been so busy that it's slipped my mind, but i'm back now, so yeah...
Meanwhile I've been securing my throne is this world, as of tonight (hopefully) I will have my microphone (yeah, the one that I just bought) up for sale on Ebay.
With the money I make from it, I'll be upgrading to a new microphone, that hopefully has no white-sound in the background. 

Once I have my studio setup, and am professionally recording music, I will start Vlogging (Mom Laughing, vlogging, is this really a word?) (video blogging) and posting more stuff on YouTube (Skits, advice, music, music videos and the such). Don't worry I'll still find time to post on here. I might be starting the video game blog again soon too, so keep looking out for it.

The compass test is slowly creeping up on me, and holding the bindings of my study books wide open. I personally cannot afford to do bad on this test. Some of those tests you take in school the teacher tells you "The rest of your life depends on the grade you get on this test...etc." and most of the time it doesn't really effect your life that harshly, however this test determines if I get to start dual-enrollment in college this fall. So yeah, it kinda does determine my life. 

I think I've got the English part covered, as I frantically search this very post for errors and in-corrections. My only issue is that I keep trying to use texting language, he-he.

BTW, did you know that 'lol' and a couple of other words got added to some of the new dictionaries. I mean WHOA! And also the word 'Heart' is now a verb.
So now the phonetically sentence 'I heart you' actually makes sense. So parents you should totally start learning this language, preferably before it takes over the world. They have posters at Wal-Mart that are covered in texting slang words and abbreviations and they're meanings, so look into it. 

Well I think I've ranted enough for now, lol. Thank's if you've read this on those of you who stopped in the middle to check your twitter.

Speaking of twitter, you should follow me @switchblade15. I always follow back.


News From The Doghouse and almost Thank G-D its Friday....
Really tired from all the work on Wednesday and it was really windy, just wore me out. Walked Lady and we seen butterflies, Monarchs and yellow swallowtails, I got a picture of a "yeller" on the apple tree blossoms today. I tried yesterday and someone "borrowed" my batteries and returned them dead...there rechargables So today (Thursday) after numerous attempts I finally got a picture of the elusive butterfly...they are fast, faster than the digital camera Yesterday, collected 4 nice silky eggies, and I forget what else got some large quail eggs, and 2nd day in a row of a game bird egg from the back porch...been doing all sorts of extra work around the farm, like cleaning up debris piles of recycable wood/lumber, salvaging screws and nails when possible, did some more trench work on the drainage ditch and ready to glue the pvc pipes together I think then doing alot of work taking down the apparatus around the old dead wild cherry tree, and going to reuse that fencing on our new fruit trees, and about ready to start digging and planting on that, then back to the fencing and hopefully by then to the roof....been doing little here little there on some things as well, like cleaning out the flooring in the trailer attachment, cleaning up the debris in the yard and getting things contained and organized for processing been having peepers hatching, been getting cages repaired for use at the swap meet, and have caught several muscovy ducks for someone's farm, and quite a few of the free ranger mixed breed ducks for the swap as well had to rescue Isaiah and the battery on the Caddy Garbage Scowl was drained as well so I fired up the 73 Jeep and putted down the road to provide roadside assistance, never ends it seems...when Lady and I went on the walk this morning, on the way back, we had some white tailed deer cut us off near the road, think they smelled us on the downhill side and we were backtracking to go home on the road, we really freaked them out, one was so close you could see her eyelashes been doing other stuff as well, like eating the delicious pizza last night had happy meany Bear wake me up this morning and then puppydog helped him by licking the back of my head, I whacked him with the pillow (not hard of course) not sure about whacking the dog, she'll bite it and rip it in tug-of-war still watching the maternity ward of goats and a cow...hope there is no problems existing anywhere there as well...hopefully things will get planted tomorrow, plant wise that is  hope everyone is doing well....oh...almost earthquake in Japan, nearly the same place I guess...thinking that the reverb of it will be felt around here in a day or 2, trying to get a grip on the projectory of the plate techtonics

Be Blessed dear ones and thank you for sharing our lives with us...Be kind to each other and feed everyone and love everyone..    Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm...

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  1. all very interesting, you are a hard working family, thank you for sharing