Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 82 and 83 of 365 days of our life on the farm in the USA

Good morning , just got off the phone with Direct TV, they just called from a generic number and changed their appointment that they set with me to replace equipment that should not have been installed in the first place.  I am so sick of this,what wasteful people they are to begin with to replace this stuff that is not even a year old.  Than to make me wait even longer, come on, what the heck....ewwwww I am so mad, no I have to sit here at the house on the first sunny day in weeks, till they decided to get here. I have had to wait till after midnight for them before and if they do not make it, you have just waisted a day of your life.  Do not even get me started on how they double dip letting company's pay them to be the local providers for an area, that is why I have not seen local news in my house ever.  If there ever was a tornado, I would most likely die as my channels come out of MO and the area they are covering is nearly a 5 hour drive from my door.
Ok back to other farm matters.  The storms did damage to our roof and have forced us to reroof the whole thing, so we are working hard to make the money to get it done.  Yesterday, I missed calss so I could get out and get traps to cover the now gapping hole, that was once our roof...  Oh well it wil be ok, we have a plan.  We are going to buy all the plywood and other wood , nails and tar paper and buy a square of shingles at a time if we have to.  Tarping the roof inbetween.  We plan to try and buy as many broken bundles and discontinued colors as we can, it should save us a bunch of money and where we kice in the middle of now where, no one will care what color our roof is.
To the animals, we are still selling hatching eggs, except for the cayuga ducks, which seem to really hate storms and be over all messy creatures.  We have emailed the last buyer and expalined the problem and after it is settled I will move the ducks to a wire bottom inclosure and should have more and better eggs to sell.  I set dirty eggs all the time, but most people do not, so it really can put us in a bad place not having these egss to sell. 

Ok found a lead on shingles for 2o bucks a square...have to go for now and look into it.

Be Blessed
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters at Mahanaim Farm

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