Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 58 , back from our trip and our puppy is home.

Wow what an awesome week… Michael, I and the little bears went to Illinois. Which is a super long drive from here (at least for me) well over 9 hours from our door.  Illinois itself is a strange relatively flat piece of earth that appears to all be in various states of decay.  The roads are horrific at best in most places and large sections of road are heavily pitted by potholes and sections where there is huge sections broke away.  Where you do see homes they are clustered together so close one wonderers, if the person in the next home says bless you when you sneeze.  There are so many of them built this way it was amazing and in many area they were still building.  Some of the houses where at least a million plus dollars, I would guess and still right on top of the house next to it.  I call these cookie cutter houses and believe it or not they were still building.  It was so odd to see the flat plains of farm land everywhere and in the middle of nowhere these clusters of hundreds of houses.  
We were interviewed on a radio show, about the farm, that was great fun, look foward to doing that again some day.  Here is a link Weft 

They have great programing and you listen on the web for free.
Bought supplys, silly things like 50 pounds of popcorn for 20 bucks,a french fri maker whis is very cool and useful. Lots of stuff we were out out thread noodles, dried fish, rice flour and many other things.  Nothing beats good shoping.
Picked up the puppy for the nice shelter people , she is a lovley girl and we named her Lady.  She is fitting in very well and loves all of us and we love her.  It was very sad that some one did not want her , but we are glad to have her and she is a good fit. 

I will tell you all more tomorow, I am so tired.
On to the hubbies post...

News From The Doghouse and the travelling nomads...
Well, its been a while since last posted because we went to illinois for various reasons, seen my mom and took the Bears to a Purim party @ chabad in Champaign, we also went to a early American museum in Mahomet and went to Allerton Park and seen some of the art work there, ate at a nice Chinese restaurant, and had the usual various adventures in travels...the best place we stayed at was in Popular Bluff, Mo., only because we were tired and it was late, although it is not so far from home, just safety concerns, but the Drury Inn was awesome for us, and the best place we stayed at by far.
Got home and we also got our new dog for the farm, more about her in later posts I reckon 8-P Did the usual farm chores on Wednesday, collected bunches of eggs, all sizes and colors with @ 30 for food eggs, including a goose egg that was too dirty for even us to that will be a prize for someone's plate 8-P Started whacking in steel T posts for the new upgrades on the fence for the livestock....I putted around kind of slow today doing everything at once it seemed, got loads of laundry done, moved a big stepping stone for the barn water spigot spot, and other odds and ends as much to do everywhere
We left the chores at the farm in the big kids hands, and they seemed to do a fairly decent job, a few glitches, but no real complaints as of yet, and I thought they would post their views from having to pull all the workload, maybe that would be presumptious and too extreme to expect on my part. Hopefully we will get some pictures posted or links to them from the home website as we are experience difficulties with the blogspot posting pictures process :-(
Dinner Supper tonight seems a bit unusual but delicious as it is from our garden, our fields, and our livestock. 8-P

Be Blessed Dear ones and thank you fro sharing our lives with us..
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahnaim Farm

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