Sunday, November 10, 2013

Getting ready for the cold and snow

Another winter is nearly upon us dear ones, it is so sad to see summer end.  I hate that last few days when you try so desperately to save the last of the garden; trying to get just one more week or even one more  day. I am sure this hard freeze on Tuesday will bring an end to that.  We are getting the animal pens prepped as well as the house. Wood is cut, hay is up and I am making room for the indoor trees and plants.

We have got the milk machine up and running, the pasteurizer is also now back up and running.  I am consequently fixing something almost every day, so is Michael.  This year I believe we have fixed  or replaced nearly everything at least once.  It has been a terrible money year for these sorts of problems to have occurred.  However we are keeping our heads up and praying for a better tomorrow.

We are working very hard to make money to keep the farm going through the winter.  I have set up a page on Facebook to sell off some of the animals and some other things to try and make up the money we are currently short of.  I have found a new bull to purchase and need to come up with $500. additional dollars  to purchase him.  It is a fantastic deal as he is a Dexter and very short legged.  Ruth and him will make lovely calves.  who knows I might keep moo just as a breeder cow.  Her calf, Nine eleven is doing very well, at a month old her is nearly the size of a four month old calf, I foresee lovely meat next year.

We still need to take the sheep and goats to the butcher and finish filling the freezer with yummy meat.  It is hard to keep up with so many things still needing done. That said, I need to log off and get some more work done.

Be Blessed dear ones and believe in miracles...


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