Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just another day on the farm...

The cow still having problems, not sure if the machine is working right or if the cow is broken. A dear friend of blessed memory told Michael and I that cows that come from commercial farms, even organic ones rarely are milked after they reach around 8 and well she is a bit older than that. I have made arrangements to buy a pair of Deters, male first. The male will bred my mini jersey and latter the female Dexter, when we get her. It is very sad to think Moo is done being our milk cow, but we must look to the future and be happy in the milk and meat we have gained from her. Time to start making money for the new bull and cow.

Life on any farm is hard, but worth it.  I know I have cow issues, but and issues with a bigger farm that bought the land below me.  they have no respect for anyone and believe money to place them higher than other people.  If anything I believe it places them lower.  The cut down trees on the county road that I live on, and left them in the road.  My son cleared the road, and I am grateful that he was here to do it, but what can I offer a young man.  I can say, stay on the farm, you will always have to eat, but you will always be at war.  When you are not fighting the government, you are fighting the larger farms.

Be blessed from all of us at Mahanaim Farm

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