Thursday, August 1, 2013

The contractors, their story and the press release that will follow

The continuation of the settlement that they told me things, I told them things; they expressed how they were going to do what they wanted; I told them no you’re not.  They tried to intimidate me into a settlement.  I explained to them that I understand the law.  I not only read it, I digested it.  Taking it into my being.  It is my land, not their property!  They tried to tell me that after 8 years, they could do what they wanted with my ground.   I said, well that will not help you, as in Nov of this past year I told your people to get off my property, and that we would maintain it from here on out.  You were notified.  It was not me who broke the rules; it was you!  You did not send a letter asking permission; you did not knock on my door.  What you did is called a chemical trespass, it is illegal.  The $2500. you offered me is disgusting, the act alone shows you lack of morals or proper judgment.  You offered me $6000, and I was offended then.  You think it is reasonable to give me less because a test you did a month later.  Never mind the tons of rain, and my fast acting husband having washed the toxin into the road. The analysis showed true in only one place.  You said; let us remove the soil, and the tree, sorry dude that does not return me to organic.  I must wait three years for that. I told them I will lose $15, 000. over the next three years.  He said, so you will take no less than $15, 000. I am open to negotiation.  It was then he offered me the $2500. 

I told them to leave, all hell broke loose.  They informed me how I could not use my tapes in court, and how expensive it would be to take them to court. I do not know me, or what I own, even though I did notice you standing at my screen door looking in my house, you did not knock or make yourself know.   You told me again that you were good upstanding people.  You did this while saying I was not, the end, they told me that their insurance company would be in touch, but not without offending my G-d, my farm and my choice of how to live.  I do not live in a palace; I could if I wanted to.  I chose this farm, and this property!  I could choose to surround myself with lots of rich and famous friends.  I would rather the few dear ones that I love.  You think I am poor because I live in an old house and my pastures grow tall, I tell you I am rich!  I do not need a new car to prove my worth, nor is expensive house, my worth in my value to my fellow man.  It is the protection of my children, my livestock and my home, and the plants and soil that my value can be seen.  Do not let me thriftiness fool you into thinking, that I am without means.

Next no one gets to tell me what they are going to do on my land, and no one gets to talk down to me because I am a women.  When I tell you to leave you do not get to tell me how small I am; how I have nothing.  How much it would cost to fight you!  My G-d is the G-d of impossible; he took me from slavery to freedom.  He walked me through the desert of the world, feeding me, keeping shoes upon my feet, clothes upon my back.  I came to this land that he gave to me, and to my descendants.  It is you who have nothing, because you are nothing; you are small, and I denounce you.  You think I am dirt because I am a Jew, well this Jew will pray to her G-d, and for you, you will need all the help you can get.  Your mothers should wash your mouths out for talking to a lady like that.  I will make sure you do not do this to anyone else.  It is not man that gives me strength; your words are powerless to me, for it is G-d that strengthens me. 

I will declare to all of you who are reading this, stand up for yourselves, do not allow the world, and it’s evil ways beat you down.  Do not become like these people, uncaring, cruel and inhuman.  When your wealth is gone, what will you have left, will you still praise he who created you, or will you be like these men.  For when the time comes they will say G-d has left us. 

I know G-d stands where I stand. 


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