Thursday, August 1, 2013

Since today is the day the NEAC people from the power company are coming, I thought I would talk about easements and right of ways.  There are rules that protect land owners from people spraying their ground with toxic chemicals, or even cutting your trees or other plants down.  The link below will help to explain far better than I can.

Below this link is another type of easement, it is a highway easement...please read for details.

Most people do not understand that the highway department owns that easement, or how they are remembered for it.  It is different than the electric company, gas company, or phone company easement, or right-of -way.

Below this is a link to a letter concerning railroad right-a -ways and easement, it is an interesting read.

Here is a list of codes concerning many of these easements and right-of-ways.

It is hard for me to understand how many good people are forced into making bad choices because no one knows the laws, that other wise could protect them.  I blame this on the lack of a good law library in my area.  Recently I asked our local judge where I could go to research these laws. I was instructed by his honor, that I would need to go on the internet.  I expressed my deep concern over this, and asked again, so there is no law library to help people to understand, or research the laws; he confessed there was, it was at the prison. All prisons are required to maintain a law library for the prisoners.  I was shocked that people who broke the law, and have been found guilty of doing so, had better access to the law than a common person trying to understand their own rights.

I will continue to learn, post and help others to understand their rights regarding their farms, animals, children, religious and home-schooling rights, as I learn them.  The truth is the power company must have your permission to kill or spray anything. It is up to you!

Be blessed
Shekhinah Mom at Mahanaim Farm

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