Friday, August 2, 2013

Had a baby goat born to a Nubian goat I bought a few months ago.  I am not sure the little guy is going to make it, he is extremely weak, and I could not even get him to stand.  I milked his mother for some colostrum; it was quite a struggle.  With the help of a bucket of food and my husband Michael, I was able to get 1 oz.  to feed him.  Try as I may I could get him to take no more than a few mouthfuls.  He is sleeping out with his mother right now.  It makes me sad to think we might lose such a cute baby. That is the sad part of life on a farm; it is always a battle of life and death. 
His mother seems lost on what is happening, she still has not passed the after birth, but I am keeping a close eye on them both.  I wish now I had sold her before the baby was born, but it is what it is.  I blessed him, and if he lives he will be given to a poor family. 
I will post any changes as they take place.

Be Blessed
Shekhinah mom of Mahanaim Farm
Creating the future from the past Once beyond organic (Thanks Asplundh), but always done in love.

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