Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Life on the farm, Febuary 1st 2012

It is a lovey day here in Arkansas and if I did not feel like I was dying, I am sure it would be even better, lol.

We have started planting today. I bought a few dozen onion starts yesterday and some seeds to start cabbage, as well as a growing tray with soil. It is also time to start the leeks, I have to look threw our seeds and see if I have any. I may try some cold weather peas, you never know in Arkansas if the weather will hold or not. So far we have had a week in the 50to 60's with pleasant nights staying far above freezing. the first of the strawberry plants have peeked their heads above the soil and are looking good. The Jerusalem artichokes are looking they are coming back too...Egyptian onions are still alive and the red onions are doing good and have survived the weather.

My oldest doe is leaving us, we have done our best to make her comfortable. Our oldest sheep, the founder of our farm Moses is also showing his age, poor dear. Our new babies are growing up fast and our little buckling Beastie is growing with leaps and bound and should be a good breeder for the heard latter this summer.

The sheep dogs are getting along well with the family. It seems as though the other dogs are adapting as well.

We have begun work on the new kitchen, with the main roof issue settled it has given us time to focus on the other projects around us, such as fixing the van ($611.00), replacing downed or unrepairable fences ($700+),  We are still in the market for one more Jacob  ewe, and last but not least buying or trading for the new kitchens, windows, door and floor.  We have priced out a floor made of recycled urethane.   It is 20 mills thick, linoleum and should last 20 years.  It is a designed to a be free floating floor, so that saves a lot of time on the install.  I only wished when I went to look at it, that i had realized that there is an order to redoing a building that has been gutted. 

When redoing a gutted building one must first do the roof, (done), than the windows, than insulation, electrical and plumbing, the wall and lastly the floor....ops.  So in this grand order I am so far from where I would really like to be.  I have bought some windows over this past week, all on clearance and the size and kind I wanted, so I am happy with having done that.  they are all triple paned glass with argon gas, vinyl windows.  I bought two for $88.00 each the same size to replace windows of the same size, very common ones.  a new one for above the sink that slides, so I can get it open on my  and one for the studio that is a lovely wooden framed window that opens out.  All have screens, a wonderful feature to have here in Arkansans.  So progress has been made, I am sure it will clean out my income tax return to do all that needs done here on the farm. 
Nothing else fantastic to report hear. Looking forward to hearing about your farms and what you are doing.
Be Blessed dear ones and know that I think of you all often.
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids ans critters on Mahanaim Farm.

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