Friday, July 31, 2015

To be punished for working a new american way!

Farmers who do not show a profit are being told by the SNAP people to quit farming.  Any of them receiving Snap are punished for non-compliance and their children are denied crucial food benefits.  So just remember only the government is allowed to fail, all others must quit and succumb to object poverty to satisfy the qazi false G-d of bureaucracy. In their new handbook if you are self-employed they will now go by your last years taxes to determine your benefits now!  What does this mean to many hard working people, it means that much like that farmers they will be subject to using old data to provide for this year.  I have to say I do not understand it at all.  To not use the actual amount of money that someone makes vs the amount they have made in the past...Yet people work for a company are not subject to the rules, I see a clear and dangerous, damning pattern of behaviour from this.  That will take the working poor to the level of indentured slaves to the state and nearly remove from them all possibilities of hope.  I see in this that though the government speaks about being pro-business it is nothing less than half-truths and outright lies.  We must learn to defend ourselves from this sort of ridiculous behavior where one is literally punished not only for the dream but for the result of trying.  In these people eyes, it is better to give up working and be a ward of a system gone amuck, devoid of reason and practical devotion to truth and effort. A society that dams the working class, the working poor, and in the end dams us all!

Be Blessed
Shekhinah from the mountain...

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