Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 157 of 365 days of life on our small family farm in the USA

All I can say is I wish I was middle class and I wish there still was a middle class, not just poor people and rich people, but I am just a humble surf farming...helping to produce the 40 percent of food that everyone in America eats, if I do not find a regular job, I will soon submit to paying 60% percent of what my farm earns in taxes, hmmm maybe that it where Netflix came up where there number...anyway while everyone talks about entitlements and raising the debt celling and these rep or these dems, it truly goes deeper than that. It really needs to be a complete restructuring of the entire system and it will happen on it's own, has before, or we can start by asking the people that believe they are in charge to stop, think and listen, the road they are crossing is a dangerous one and once crossed it is not any safer. Waring among ourselves it is never the answer. My males rams would will whack each other all day long till someone gets hurt or even dies and that never fix the problem as there is always another ram behind the first, yes I said it we have degraded to the state of wild beasts. How can we fix it, well first pay the ssi people and the poor, riots do not help control costs, pay the military, everyone else just needs to wait, while it is all looked at by the people, not a group or delegation or board or committee, but just regular folks who are not so far removed from the problem that six dollars is just a cup coffee. I would like it solved by those who six dollars is a meal or a day of shelter. Just to remind every one reading this that the last time a regal spouted off crap about let them eat, she and her hubby had their head whacked can not tell starving people to eat, not even peas...but funny enough one can turn it around to peas on earth...get it, a pun.  Anyway. I wish every one would get it and start thinking beyond the threat of money and too the greater picture...

Be Blessed Shekhinah  Mahanaim Farm

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