Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Still day 155 of 365 days of our life on our small family farm

You have got to be kidding, Netflix and Obama, both think we should all eat our peas while they eat very expensive steak... Netflix thinks that 60% is fair and the Prez thinks we can live on air....gee to be so rich and out of touch with the rest of us...

Well Mr. Prez Obama, if that is your real name, I refuse to live on peas and if you try to starve the people who put you in office, you are gonna find a moving van outside your door and your chance for re-election will be over, just like that.  

Netflix get over your self, how much of my money will make you happy, your not Direct TV you know.  You do this in cycles, I have studied you and your infostucture.  I loved the part about how you are saving dvd subscribers money, yeah while screwing me...I have both dvd and streaming and you want to double what I spend...WTH...Sept 28 we will part ways, like a pair of angry lovers, I am getting the kids and the house, you are getting nothing...just thought you should know...


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