Monday, September 22, 2014

Good afternoon from the Mountain

Good afternoon from the mountain, I am sorry for not including you in our rounds of the world sooner; honestly I have just not been up to it.  School is going as well as to be expected, and the children continue to grow wiser and wiser by each passing day.  

In our homeschooling we are studying Teddy Roosevelt the author, a president by chance and an all-around interesting person.  His books are quite interesting and chocked full of interesting facts about the world that he lived in.  I recommend any of them…

So today I went to buy feed in the state next door, I can be found doing this very same thing at least once a week, but this week differed as a friend shocked me by telling me I was crazy, now in his defense he did not come out right and say that, he explained that he knew someone who was crazy like me.  Hmmmmm!  I know it was not meant in an offensive way, but somehow it is as painful to be as a branding iron set to stun.  Why I wonder do people think, I am crazy for living closer to the earth and rebuking the need to be one of the crowd.  It was not too long ago that I was one of the crowd, just fifty or so good years too late to most accounts. 
I value my lifestyle in which I grow most of our food, where we raise our own, milk, eggs and meat, where we also forage and hunt.  In my world it is more important to get off grid that to have a new fancy car, watch, cell phone, or another gadget that one pours life into.  I value books; I value family and do not create in my children’s lives endless ways to be without them, but rather live my life with them.  I think team work can be learned best in a family and less in a sport.  We are simple people living a perfectly simple life, one in which we chose solitude and knowledge over the noise chaos and daily life that most people live.  I think it is far from crazy for us, and many who came before us it is quit sane. 
As to the farm, I was blessed to have a buyer for a good portion of our birds and maybe the bull calf.  I am feeling better that we can go forward with a little less and maybe get past this all.  We still need to raise money to pay for the propane and the hay as well as the stuff we still need to finish the kitchen. I need to go for now as I am due at a class… Be BlessedShekhinah 

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