Monday, October 20, 2014

Good morning form the mountain...

Good morning from the mountain, sorry I have not updated this before this but, we have been making ourselves busy preparing for the winter that will be soon be upon us.  We have actively acquired wood to burn.  We filled the propane tank, and received hay for the animals, our freezers are full.  Still have more to can and can food to go through from past seasons.

Still have a bull to put in the freezer, a sheep and maybe a goat.  I have a few hundred more jars of fruit to can, which will open up freezer space for more meat. I am glad that we raise our meat and I am glad we do, as the price in the grocery store is quite insane.  The prices of other staples have also gone up more than 30%, butter is nearly $5.00 per pound, never thought I would ever see that high a price.  Just a month ago I was buying it for $2.49 a pound.  Cheese has not gone up, so I know it is not a higher milk price item, I am starting to feel that there are just too many greedy people in the world.

As to the new kitchen we are moving forward, still lacking a few windows, but we have one wall almost finished.  I can see it all coming together and look forward to soon cooking there in all that space. 
In the matters of our garden, we are still picking green beans, have a lovely pumpkin on the vine, tomatoes on the vine as well, spinach and okra are doing very well indeed.  We managed to get nine rows of leeks and turnips in the ground.  Ten rows of beets and three rows of radishes, so I think we are doing very well there.

One more thing I would like to talk about is Isis, if these people are the force that the news tells us, I have a real and perfect solution that Roosevelt would have loved.  Let every country drop what they are doing for seven days and come together, wipe them off the face of the planet.  Give them no up time, go after them 24 hours per day and guess what, no more Isis.  If we as a planet got together, we could put an end to all of this bunk.  You could do the same with other problem people, make a list of them, drop it in a hat, and pull a name, seven days of obviation and then peace.  After you hit a few names on the list, it would end the war, and it would make us so sick of fighting we would have to work harder for a better world that we could have.  Just saying, you are going to use the troops either way, the money either way, why drag this crap out.  Dragging it out makes the bad guys the winners and all of us fools.

Be Blessed

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