Monday, October 27, 2014

Field of green dreams, and the little power company that could not, postal service is this stuff real?

What an incredible week I am having, I am sure fish will soon fall from the sky! Only kidding, but I do want to share with you some of what is going on with us and the farm, as well as our book release and the first taping of our reality show.   Which is based in wicked funny reality, we will share with you the real day to day farm business and stresses, with the occasional joy. 

 Many people have no idea how people like us live, why we live that way or just about life in general whether it be our lives here in Arkansas or even as small farmers.  So I feel like sharing, I am not glamorous, not thin, not particularly good looking, just an everyday person, living a simple life of my choosing.  It is not an easy life; it is closer to the earth and very free compared to most people's lives. 

There are some things I would like to change about it, I would like to be freer than we are, but freedom is a lot like weight loss.  You do not gain weight in one day, and you do not take it off in one day.  More so is this with the ideals of freedom. Freedom in our lives to live a quality life did not happen overnight.  We gave them away a little at a time.  In lew of comfort, in lew of peace or at least the appearance of it, and we gave it away when owning things meant more than our families.  It is a slow road back, but I feel we are on the right path.
Now on to other events that have transpired:
Our winter gardens are doing just fine, and we have recently added to them.  We had nine rows of turnips, and two rows of leeks in the big garden.  Now we have added, two rows of carrots, a row and a half of savory, two rows of white tip radishes, some broccoli and some purple corbie.  I am quiet happy with all that.  I still need to replant more garlic and maybe some more greens.  In the photos you can see patches of green not in rows; these are our wild edibles. They have European dandelion greens, goosefoot that is a wild spinach, and curly dock one of my favorite greens.  We are truly blessed with green...
An overall view of our new garden space...

I am the chubby one on the ground; the boys are helping plant and pull unwanted greens, which become food for the goats and horses.

Just look at all those nice rows of green food, turnips and leeks, lots of wild greens too. 

this is the veiw from the top of ur mountian...

Mist over the mountain...

Shining amazing!

This is Sparky and Spot two of the pups we kept.

They are going to be great hunting dogs.

They are about adorable...

Spot is a wonderful pup.

Get emm pups...

Sparky just realized that Mike is taking photos.

These two piggies spent a little time inside with us.  Potbelly pigs are so cute!

Somebody is ready to go home at the end of the week...

Yup they are coming to get you too...

I am very disappointed in the Postal service, who no matter when or where you call them always seem to have their system down. Plus it took them three days to deliver a priority box one hour from my door, on top of that they damaged the box. Unreal, then the women wants to tell me the address that it shipped from, well that was my address and she was arguing with me telling me I was They are funny people...

Oh if I was only up to taping today, but I am saving myself for dealing with the power company on Thursday. Whatever is going on Thursday, well I will tell you. I am having the light on the pole taking off, buggers charged me $20.00 last month, and that is not going to happen again. I bought a solar security light from TwinSpot; it has two adjustable lights, is a motion  activated system and will give me ten years of free power. If they are going to charge $20.00 per month for the light, I will save $240.00 a year.

They were not thrilled! I am! I can not wait to put all the solar panels in and the wind turbines; then I will say take this pole and shove it...No one should have to be a slave to another person and what they are doing is not good for the all! It is good for the few who receive kickbacks and they know who they are...People voted against a new coal plant, but it got built anyway, they have solar on their building in Salem, but will not set up any solar farms.

Recently I have found out that being a member means little more than consenting to theft of land and funds. I am sure you will agree that giving money away is indeed kind, but causing hardship and raising costs of service to do so is not. I would rather they not help so many causes, but rather lower the bills of the members. I had worked out on paper the savings per month/ per customer would be more than twenty dollars. I know I could do a lot with twenty dollar or more, so could you.

Now they say that our bills will go up, they blame Obama. I am forced to defend him on this one, because he was not the one who said, coal was clean, safe and cheap, was he? Well, of course, not and they knew what they were doing, but did not care. Like the one guy said, you live here and you are poor, I live in a large house, you can not fight us. Yes, Yes I not playing! I can choose quite revolution of one family going off grid. I may not be rich, but I am content in the good things that G-d has given us. I am not haughty about it, I am fine in knowing that I can change my life and be a warning to others, before they become victims of this horrible injustice where the rich use the poor to gain wealth.

Oh I know it is nothing new, most likely been going on since the dawn of time, but it does not mean I have to allow it to take place in my life. Moses freed his people, who would willing go back? Abe Lincoln freed his people, who would go back to indentured status? The answer is no one, it is simple and easy to understand, free yourself from the chains that bind you, let your only master be a good conscious and G-d Almighty. Let no man or women hold your chains and tell you it is good! It is not!

I offer you my knowledge, little as it is, to help you, all of you to go off grid. Free yourself from your chains and give your children and the world a better tomorrow. You can start with a light and let that light shine in the darkness and help you to find your way.

P.S. My book on how to build a hydroponics system will be free for one day, starting tomorrow.  I am enclosing a link, please download my book and read it, use it make your own system and help yourself and your family to become food secure...

Be Blessed

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