Thursday, October 30, 2014

Good Morning from the mountain...

Good Morning from the mountain, a bit crisp out there today, a little bit of creamy soupy fog hangs over the heads of the mountains.  So here I sit drinking my morning cup of coffee thinking about the day ahead.  Today it the first day of filming on our new reality show, I don’t really know how I feel about it, a bit scared I guess, a little excited and a tiny whinny bit afraid.  It is not every day that one embarks on a challenge like this one. 


I do feel confident that in the end it will all workout.
So with chores started, wood delivered and the day a foot, I gone into taping mode.  It seemed to go smoothing, though I did have some technical issues that have now been resolved.  The biggest thing is to have the camera closer to the action, oh why didn’t they teach that in AV class in High School.
Ok, so one of the producers and I just went rounds over the title of our show. What do you all think of the title, Back to Landers of the Ozarks?

Drawing flies Production Company has a few screws loose I think! I just want to have a good title; I mean I can say whatever I want because this show is not going to make it anyway...

But I must get off here now and get back to work, I still have school work to get done, house and farm work.  It is going to be very cold here tomorrow night and Saturday night.  This means putting in some extra time with the garden and the kitchen.

Be Blessed

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