Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spring storms are upon us...

 One more final project turned in...I do not mind saying that I am tired. It can be overwhelming trying to get it all done, but here we are nearing the end of another term. I look forward to a short break. I also wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who aided me with coming up with new ideas for papers this term, there were so many papers...Now maybe I can get some real writing done, some coloring books designed, meditation music made and some other projects done. I plan to get the intro filming done for our internet show. Have al the gear and equipment now, just need to make the time.

Our garden is coming along, the worms are amazing...tilling the soil is the best healing for one's soul that I have ever found.  I have got some tomatoes in, some boc choy, some peppers, some romain lettuce and peas and beans.  Tomrrow I wil try to get some more in, the okra will need to be replainted it did nto like all the rain.  I still need to get the sweet potatoes in, there is always so much to do and never enough time. right now it is storming again, I should be out recording it for the meditation cd I am putting together, but I can not bring myself to get it done right now.
 I was honored to visit with some dear friends today and the boys picked almost all their dandelion flowers so fritters will be made tomorrow.  Not enough to make wine.  My friend Sue gifted me  a loaf of banana bread and some lovely dollies for the new living room, I almost cried since most of the ones I had are long since gone and it gives me hope for a better tomorrow.  It is amazing how some threads spun in circle of threads can remind you of the brilliant memories removed a thousand times from today. I will love them from tomorrow's forever!

The boys wandered her creak finding amazing finds as all children do.  A creek is a magical place for a child, a world away from ours and they are free to explore and conquer.  Little creatures become big game and the little crawfish flutter about trying to avoid the hands of the sweet children chasing them. A snail becomes a treasured find, a fossil a conquest larger than life.  We should all look at the world like children do, where everything is magical and amazing.
 As you can see our bees have been very busy at work...what good girls they are to work so hard, we are truly blessed to share our farm with them.  The two domestic hives are looking good and the wild one is also healthy and happy.  I can not wait to harvest fresh honeycomb from the hive, there is nothing like it in the world.  The way it drips from the comb, the first taste of the season is like liquid gold that melts in your mouth.

What else can I share we have had good days and not so good days, but we continue to move forward because there is no other way to go.  

Be Blessed From the Mountain:

Shekhinah, Michael, all the kids and the critters here on the farm

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