Sunday, April 10, 2016

The arrival of spring on the mountain...

Spring has joined us at last up on the mountain, and we are starting to put in the gardens.  We got some beautiful bok choy from the Master Garden people who were at the Salem Flea market.  I was gifted a bee balm plant by a very sweet lady, which I hope my bees will love and bought several beautiful cookbooks at bargain prices.  

So far we have yellow bell peppers ready to go in the gardens, some tomatoes, some cayenne peppers, some jalapenos and some okra, some more cabbage and some roman lettuce.  I still need to replant our peas as well.

In regards to the wilds of the farm we have ripe strawberries, asparagus has been doing great, the wild greens are in abundance, so everyone is very happy.

We took a vacation a few weeks back, and that went well, we went to Hot Springs.  The kids very much enjoyed Minning at Ron Colman's mine and they equally enjoyed Mid-American Children's Museum.  We stayed at a lovely resort at my mother's request.  It was South Shore Resorts, wonderful place, looking forward to going again.

Nothing else to report...

From all of us on the Mountain....Be Blessed

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