Friday, May 20, 2016

Planting season has begun-Snakes good and bad and sweet little geese

 Our lives here on the mountain are full of amazing moments and sad ones...Storms have been hard on us this season, we have lost many fruit trees and some of the older oak trees.  With all of that, we are still blessed to have good friends and sweet little creatures to love.  Our baby horse is doing well and although we lost most of our goose eggs we did have one hatch.  Our poor hatchling was so lonely and then a neighbor called, she had one lone baby goose with no one to love it.  Now our little goose has a friend.  They are adorable and get under your feet any chance they get.

Then there is the ever constant threat of snakes.  The snake is the photo is a harmless snake that was released back into the wild, though just a day before a cotton mouth had to be killed and before that a copper head that bite and killed one of our dogs.  It is never easy on the mountain and each day presents us with unique opportunities to learn and become better people.

Today we planted tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, peppers, fennel, basil, and some other stuff.  I am glad to have that part finished.  Not the rest will seem so easy after all this.  We are do for more rain, this is our rainy season and we are glad to have it and we hope for a good growing season this year.  I still have seeds to plant, some black tomatoes, some peas, some yard long beans and some pole beans.  So that is it, not much to talk about, just those few things to share.

All of us on the mountian send blessings to everyone who reads about our little farm on the mountain!

Shekhinah, Michael, and all the kids and critters here on the mountain...

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