Sunday, June 5, 2016

Rock climbing by force and lots of garden greens

Yummy, boc choy from the garden and red romaine.  First time in days I have been able to get out there, the ground is still really wet.  By tomorrow, I should be able to get back out and weed the gardens, and start to drain the pool and move the tadpoles to the hydroponic system so that they can grow to be nice strong healthy frogs.  so far I have lost 4 Okra plants and one celery for sure, might lose the other two...I may have to harvest them early, which for me would be truly heart-breaking as it has taken me two years to get the to go to seed.

I am getting an electric pressure canner delivered on the 13th, and if I can keep them going to then, I will cut up some potatoes, the celery, and some carrots and make a few batches of mixed vegetables.  At least it would not go to waste.

The gardens are in a constant state of replanting due to the weather, but we are pushing forward and restarting seeds.  I have the organic black tomato seeds started, still have to start other things, but I guess it is progress.

In regards to finances, well they are not so well, we are doing our best to hold our heads above water and my attempt to acquire a job failed before it even started, I feel like it was a wasted effort.  I still have school of course and two courses that I had to take this summer so that I could return to regular classes in Aug.  All of it is a bit overwhelming, but it is what it is.

Today we rock climbed in a 1992 Chevy van not out of fun mind you, but out of necessity, the road is gone, it is the worst it has been in 11 years.  It features large unpassable areas of deep trenches and huge rocks.  I am glad I have new tires, the old ones who have never made it. My tires are all 6 ply light truck tires.  Anyway if any of you tv people with your fancy rigs what to give It a try I will challenge you.  I was thinking about it today when I moved here and we had ruts in the road I would do my best not to hit them if I bottomed out  the car I would cry.  Now I am a real trooper, except with ice, I just power through. Like today.

So that is about all I have to report, broke, tired, but it still beats living in the city!

From all of us on the mountain
Be Blessed
Shekhinah, Mike and all the kids and critters

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