Monday, June 13, 2016

A few days of news from the mountian

So the apricot tree bore fruit after only 9 or so years.

We got about 90 or so pieces of fruit that we shared with the insects and our pigs.

                       Big, meaty and beautiful, maybe next year we will have some to share.
                      I processed it all yesterday, except for this handful posted for your delight.

These are the fish the boys caught during the fishing tournament in Mammoth Spring, near dam 3.  I would personally like to thank everyone who volunteered and worked so hard to give all the kids of our community a fantastic day fishing.  A special thanks to Tommy Garner  who helped to put a hook on Elijah's pole for us. Our boys had a great time and are learning to love fishing, we could not be any happier! 

This is Michael, teaching the boys how to clean their fish.

Other than this we have been getting the gardens planted.  We have planted the last of the peppers, still have some black tomatoes to get into the ground and some more beans.

We got a new electric canner that should help with the canning and the heat it puts off.  However if you are getting one, I can tell you not to buy the Power Pressure Cooker XL.  This company sells this item as a canner/cooker however they do not have all the parts with it to make it work as a canner out of the box.  When you call their number you will get a call center in India whose workers are less than helpful.  I was told to go to their website and buy the rack, I asked the man who would buy a canner without a rack and to my demise he said I did.  Hmmm, well ok, so I will make the part, which I did, not buying anything else for the canner. He did feel the need to tell me about the great free gift they put in the box with the canner, a chopper.  I said you can keep the chopper I would have welcomed the rack for the canner.  Oh live you learn! 
In the end, I made my own rack using a slicing disk from a dead food processor and a stainless steel triviot.  I had to have Michael break the black plastic off of it, but that's cool.  I am removing the slicing knife on it, as it is curved and serrated and will make a great knife once I make a handle for it.

My van decided today that it needs  repaired and very soon and it gave me the sound...clunk, clunk, bang, the rear universal, again and the rear transmission seal is leaking and of course that means replacing the transmission mount, over $150 bucks worth of parts and I am broke, the joy continues. 

On the side of happy I did score some great meat at the store and have a full freezer and meat to can with the new canner.  I got three black Angus new york strips, 6 pounds of ground chuck, 2 pounds of ground veal, 2 pounds of lamb chops, 3-three pound black Angus Roasts, three one and a half pounds packages of stew meat also black Angus, cost 50 bucks.  It was a good day to have popped in the store. 

That is all I have to report at the moment, I send a blessing to you all from our hearts to blessed from Shekhinah, Michael, and all the kids and critters on the mountain.

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