Monday, January 1, 2018

Musings: Nice



If everyone were nice, well I am absolutely unsure as to the abstract of such an idea.  Perhaps if I had ever seen true and honest niceness; I would then be able to imagine it at greater reason and with greater hope.  In its most essential form, it is a pleasant thought, warm and full of pleasant intentions, in act not so much. 

Nice, in its many forms it is often backed by the motive of known intent, subject to the norms of the well-meaning.  Played out by the religious of philosophic content devote on creating a bank of such intentions to be cashed in upon death or another such like event.  It is with a somberness that I would rather have a more genuine emotion!  

Today for sale an amazing fossil, purchase it and tell me you read this blog and get a free surprize gift with purchase.

A blond ammonite that is full of fire is an uncommon site but this one surely answers with lots of fire and light. It is thought that these amazing fossils rid one of negativity and I can say that every time I hold one it makes my mood a better one. This one measures 43.18 mm long and 12.47 mm thick.
The cost of this piece is just $15 and $7 for priority shipping in the USA, foreign friends please contact me before committing to purchase.  I accept PayPal, my email is

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