Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 87 of 365day of our life on our small family farm in the USA

Today has been a very rainy day and other than doing chores and trying to ge the last of my home work done, I have done very little of anything.  I answered some email, did not plant the plants I wanted to get into the ground saddly, but did some work on the website, where I found a whole page  Oh well what can I do, i am only one person.  Anyway I focused today on leaning about wheat since I bought 100 pounds and now wonder what I can do with it.  Well other than making flour, which is great and I am not complaning about being able to do that I wondered what else could this lovely grain yeild, well here is the short anwer, Bulgar wheat, cracked wheat, hot cerial...probabley more, but I am just getting started.  so here is what I have for you all so far, and to let you know it is posted here and on Milk comes from cows on our main website.

Wheat, what do I do with it?

What to do with wheat, well we all know we can make it into flour, but wheat is so much more. 

It can be made into cereals, bulgur wheat and many other really neat things. 

Just keep reading to find out more.

The first thing you can do with wheat is grind it into flour for cooking and baking.

The next is bulgur wheat which is a more Middle Eastern version, but very useful healthy way to eat wheat.   
I bet you have wondered to yourself how do they make that, well I did too and here is what I found out. 
I thought it was just cracked wheat, nope it is so much more than that and here why. 

It is a super fast cooking product because it has already been cooked. 

Here is how you make it.

How to make bulgur wheat at home and save tons of money
   Bring to a boil one part rinsed whole wheat berries plus two parts water, simmer for about an hour or until the whole wheat berries are tender.

Next take them out of the pan and onto a baking sheet or cookie sheet and back at 225 degree oven for around another hour, stirring and moving them around a bit until dry. 
Now is the best part, you get to smash them. 
I use my marble rolling pin, but you could grind them in a food processor or a med grind in a flour grinder, if all else fails, stick the berries in a paper bag, grab a hammer and whack away, what a great stress reliever. 

To use this you can add equal parts of boiling water to your now made bulgur wheat and cover let sit for 30 minutes and serve. 
 Now you have an almost no work side dish that whole bunches of neat stuff can be added to. 
Add vegetable and meat and it is a meal…I love it with garlic, onions and lentils.

To use it as a hot cereal
1 cup Bulgur wheat
1 cup boiling water
1 t salt (earth or sea)
Combine bulgur wheat, salt and water,place a lid on the pan and cook on low for 15 minutes. 
Take and let sit for covered for another 10 to 15 minutes. 
Eat and enjoy. 
Bulgur wheat burgers
 1/2 cup homemade bulgur wheat
2 grated carrots
1 finely chopped onion
1/3 cup finely chopped mushrooms, any sort will do
1/2 cup firm homemade tofu, grated
1 tablespoon soy sauce

1/2 tablespoon hot sauce
2 tablespoons flour

Salt and pepper to taste

Olive, corn, grape seed or other non canola oil to cook in.
Soak bulgur wheat in one cup of hot water for 4 minutes, drain and set aside.
Combine and mix all the ingredients in a bowl except the oil.
Divide the mixture into 8 parts and shape into patties
Cook patties in you trusty caste iron skillet with a little oil, until golden brown on both sides.
Serve and enjoy…
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News From The Doghouse and a Sunday edition...
Finished listening to and the Rabbi's show a.k.a. Borscht Blender, all in acapella no muscial instruments, another show I wish I had recorded, oh well...
It's storming here again, got most of the outside chores done before the heavy rain, but still got wet filling up waterers for the birds, at least I did not have to dodge lightning bolts lol, the morning started out nice and sunny, just beautifully crisp outside, and Samson decided to go into the south woods, just didn't quite make it all the way over the fence, so Rachael and I had to get his back leg out of the wire, he's fine, no injury, just was trapped and didn't panic. Not sure why he did this, as Isaiah, Dahveed and I rolled a bale of hay to the horses yesterday, before our gully washer on Saturday. We didn't go to the swap because of that rain and end of the month considerations, then found out that the monthly sale was at Fordland anyway, so maybe we would have done great maybe not, but the weather outlook sealed the decision I guess.
Today started out nice at 60F but got colder, then rain, and I was soaked and working in the 52F range, had everything done around 2PM and got a hot shower to warm up basically. Got a fire going in the woodburner/ basement as it is suppose to be in the 40s tonight and like this the rest of the week. Going to have to cut wood soon I guess. The Bears and I got more trees planted, don't remember if I posted that info our pecan, red mulberry, and asian persimmons planted. Found another turtle today, probably the same one The Boss found yesterday on the road lol We ate really well off the land and from the farm the last few days, and heard today on the Vegan show (proceeds the Jewish hour on WEFT) that quite a few chicken broiler houses are out of commission in Alabama due to the tornado storm, SO, that means your feathered lizards will be going up drastically when inventory makes its assessments TOMORROW, if you live around a 24 hour grocery you might go buy what you can, just because of management practices of supply and demand...I am thinking the slaughter cluckers we have had for awhile , trying to sell at the swap and donate to the needy, may have doubled in price...not that I am gouging, and in a moral dilema and proverbial pickle, I don't need to and don't want to sell the dinosaur evolved birds than the bare minimum I was asking, yet unscrupulous mundanes will buy them then turn around and sell them for a quick profit, SO...dunno what I am going to do yet.
Got the back porch cleaned and fed the shovelings to the pigs and various spots for the free ranger downey encrusted Nightshade ewe sheep on the watch, as she has been exhibiting the signs of staying apart from the herd and other little telltale signs, but no clostrum as of yet. Short of having someone stick their head in Moo to see what's going on, I dunno...The Bears say hi to everyone, but too busy playing with Lego creations to say much more, and that is only because they are waiting on battery recharge to get back to game-boy games...Forgot to say we had the shingle delivery man come back out with his family and they bought the 4 ducks he had picked out, 1 lucky male duck and 3 lucky females, going to their own private pond on a farm, to be loved as pets...The Road grader will have to get back out here as the road is washed out again and perhaps worse than before...oy.

Be Blessed dear ones and be kind to each other...Shekhinah, Michael and all the kdis and critters on Mahanaim Farm.

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