Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 97 of our lives on the farm....

Today was another rainy day which has caused me huge amounts of grief and money.  the man came to shear the sheep, it was imposable to do as there wool is wet and has been on their for a year and a half.  It took me forever to find this man, who did the best he could, we got the wool off the big boys and a few of the girls, but not with out injury.  One of my ewes got gashed when she jerked when he was working on her.  I cryed to see it, I love the girls so much.  Another got nicked on the leg and one a bit on the ear, they were the worst, but it seemed like all but one girl he did did not go well, so we stopped and he will be back in about a month and G-d willing that week they will be dry.  I may try to cut some of the surface wool off of them before than.  Where is a Bedouin when I need one, they would know what to do, all I can do is my best which is sorely lacking.  the cost for shearing the few we did was $125.00 and most of the wool is unusable, well maybe as insulation some where.

We bougth the calf two socks from a very sweet friend, thanks MK, your awesome.   The kids, Michael and I, took him to the butcher.  MK gets the hide, MR.R gets the feet.  He and I are splitting the meat. The price was not horrible it cost us each $347 for our share in the animal and than $82 to be made into yummy meat, with fuel it cost us each  around $1.25 per pound and we each ended up with 180 pounds, not including the "scap" parts.  I think the butcher people must think me  We wanted everything but the Moo back.  She does not often here this, and we always seem to ask her for things she has never done.  This time it was smoking the tongue.  I have heard of it being done and had it once before, but had no idea of how to do it, so we both had to come up with a course of action.  None of us could remember if you skin the tongue first...if any one out there knows, please let me know. 

Roof has not progressed any further due to money and weather...
We are getting a ton of strawberrys from the garden, not tilling the soil has worked very well, tons of fruit, hardly any pests and the soil does not dry out as fast. Our radishes and turnips are going to seed, so I am letting them, let them plant themselves...we have harvested lots of yummy greens and hope to get the rest of the garden planted soon.  Everything it taking huge amounts of time with the weather, but the rain is good for the land, so we must take our blessing with love.  I looked at artichokes today at the feed store, but they wanted 5 bucks for each plant, just to much money for me, I know they grow back year after year, but really five bucks...I just don't know, it would take a long time to pay for it's self I think. 
Still need hay, I guess I may have to buy square bales to get use threw till the round bales come in.  Still need to make enough money to pay for it.  Right now we are grazing them everyday, so it is making what is left of the hay go further. 
So there is where we are...hope to go to the swap, but no longer counting on

Be blessed dear ones and know that you are greatly loved...

Shekhinah,Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

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