Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 95 of 365 days in the life of our small family farm in the USA

I hope you have all had a great day.  It has been a hot one here on the farm, well into the 80's. 

Today we had to work on a few horses and we stoped at a indoor flea market where we got some nice bargains.  A show halter for Rachael's horse, for $6 bucks, a great deal, a counter top for the new kitchen for $6.50, a two draw filing cabinet for $7.50 and a pair of new leather sandals fro Rachael for I think $5.00.  Our find of the day at a cost of $15.00 bucks for the pair, below is the retail cost of the item so the savings are huge.

30"wide X 15"tall 12/12 Aluminum Triangle Gable Vent
30" wide X 15" tall 12/12
Pitch enamel finish or primed aluminum Fully Screened
Price: $83.89
Anyway more to tell you all about tomorrow,very sleepy and it has been a long day.

Be blessed and sleep well...Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim farm....

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