Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 128 of 365 days of life here on our small family farm in the USA

News From the Doghouse
Been awhile since the last post, and my previous did not get posted for some reason. Got woke up by a Happy Bear who tricked me, 1st said it was 8 and I said it was too early to be 8, then he said it was 6 and I said wake me at 7 and he said it was already I pry my eyes open to see the clock and it was 7:11 AM lol my future chess games are in trouble with him, I see.
Yesterday walking dummy dog we spooked up a wild turkey early in the morning. When we dumped trash on Monday, Elisha went with me and we found a cute little turtle. He told everyone it was a baby mountain turle, and everyone said it was a land turtle, he said no it was a baby mountain turtle and they were dumb and stupid, or so I was told lol
Been doing horseshoeing work as well as other stuff... we made $65.60 selling scrap metal junk from cleaning up the yard and property, the other day. Today (Wednesday) we went and did an old horse and made $40 and then in town the Boss made $35 on the lottery scratch tickets, so we had a pretty good field day I guess. At 1st, felt bad about buying gas for the van and filling up a gas tank, but figured that we were working tomorrow and needed the van gassed up, just the extra for the gas can was a squeeze, but it worked out alright.
We went to the grocery store and the feed store, so we are stocked up for a few days a least. Finally got a planted box built for the Bears and got the giant pumpkin, watermelon, squash, and sunflower planted. We have blackberry starting to ripen and the apples are doing ok, the pears seem to be coming along alright as well.
The incubator had a gizmo malfuntion and killed a nice clutch of eggs, including a few peacock eggs, turkey, ducks, black quail, silkies, turkens, and a special turken variety crossed with silkies. We got a few turkens with extra silkie toes, and was looking forward to the next established generation of them.
Have been doing all sorts of things around the farm, trying to get it all contained and organized I guess. Making progress getting things built sort of. Got the big new pool up for the Bears, and been slowing filling it up, trying not to put too much of a drain on the well systyem and water level. Got the back porch pretty much cleaned off of cages, and started working on clean up of the studio house. Trying to rearrange everything to function more efficiently and /or smoothly.
Its been 6 years since we were in Ingless, Florida and seen Opar, the father-in-law, patriarch of everything, being the last remaining sole/soul survivor of that generation for our families. Its approaching the 6 year mark since we came to Arkansas and left the comfort and security and consistancy of civilization to come here and live in the challenge of day to day attempt at harmony and certain inconsistancy. I guess we have done well in one sense and just seems we have failed so miserably in another sense. Not sure how to explain that more clearly at the moment.
To answer an e-mail question....we use @ 56 to 58 kg a day on grain, although we are bringing that amount down in usage, due to butchering chickens and some sell offs. We sold some pigeons the other day, more helped us out buying more hay than anything else.
Lots has been going on the last few weeks, just been too tired to type or the Bears are on doing school work. Think about writing alot of stuff all day long, but when I get in and rest and eat dinner, have a shower I am about ready to go to bed anyway. lol
Be  Blessed
Michael, shekhinah and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

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