Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 141 of 365 days of our life on our small family farm in the USA

I know it has been 13 days since our last post here, but things are like crazy busy and sometimes just crazy.  Ok, for one thing our cow is back and building a lovely bag, of course we are all very happy about this and she seems to be glad to be home as well.  I bet she was super glad this morning as we had a rather nasty storm here and she got to ride it out in the safety of the barn. 

Money continues to be an ongoing problem with the farm, I have tried all kinds of ways to generate new revenue, so far none have worked, perhaps it is too close to the 4th of July for people to want to part with their money.  None the less I Will not give up and will just keep movingvforward.  Tomorrow I hope to scarp some metal and get a few bucks to get us threw, I know it will be ok. 

The weather has been brutal here in Arkansas, where it has gone from very wet to desert dry with super high humidity which has made every outside chore an over whelming task.  It is talking so much longer to get anything done it is just crazy.  When we do get rain now it is explosive, often we get hail as well, plus high winds, not the greatest weather for ones garden or live stock.  When it storms it is impossible to sleep as there is aways the worry of lightning starting a fire or animals getting struck; it can some times be very scary living on the mountain.
Living on the mountain makes you aware of how fragile life can be.

On to our gardens:
We are up to watering twice a day most days now.  As to the most recent storm, we did not lose any plants from the garden , we did have to go out and pick them up as we had what I can only guess were very strong straight line winds, by gosh it was scary.  Rachael and I were at the door during part of it and the wind seemed to roar to life and move everything in its path.  The plants that did take the worst damage were the Jerusalem artichokes and the corn, only one tomato plant saw any ill of the storm and it was blown over basket and all.  The gardens themselves, even in our drought conditions are doing well and we have harvested lots of fresh yummy food.  Our bathtub lettuce patch has produced five salad dinners for us and along with our green peppers, tomatoes and onions were a big hit the other night, when friends came over.  We have harvested out first green beans, tomatoes (daily task), peas (almost done), onions, green peppers, hot peppers, spinach, cucumbers, wheat and a few other things I can not think off of the top of my head.  I have harvested some peppermint and dried it for winter use and plan to list some for sale soon as well.  We had a really hard time for some reason finding pole bean seeds, but in the end we did find two nice varieties and they are in the ground, one is a purple bean the other a yellow wax bean, so in a month I should have plenty to can.  Our wild gardens are doing well, we are already picking wild black berries and today Rachael brought in five pounds of hen of the woods mushrooms.  They will go nice in tomorrow dinner...

No new babies in the barn yard yet, soon I hope...

We are getting a new mini horse at the beginning of the month, I wanted to have a place for the little guy as he needs to be worked with.  We got him from some very nice people and he is quite lovely. I know the babies are going to love and cherish him.  I bet they are riding him in a month and getting him to pull a wagon as well.

Lets see what else is going on, 4-h stuff as always, my daughter will be the new leader for our area in Jan of 2012, I know this will make all the area parents happy.  She is really great with kids and wants to work with children and horses in the future.

Some things I have learned this week, trac pone is not the phones from us...the company has no idea how to do business and are rude.  Just try to find some one who speaks English there...go a head I dare you and if they threaten to return your call , they are doing just that...lol  By the way even with their double minutes deal you still end up paying nearly 15 cents per minute.  I did not buy this for me to use, I bought it for my eldest son.  It took a total of two weeks to activate this phone, I told him to donate the phone to charity when the minutes are gone and we will try another brand.
As to the new house phones, they are junk, Uniden direct 6.0 are not the phones for use, it is hard to use them, they are hard to hear on and I have decided that my ten year old phone are getting new batteries, the new phones are going to charity, maybe some one else can use them.

Gonna watch Soliet green with the kids tomorrow...if you have not seen it, you should watch it.

Well dear, I have to get back to the every day farm chores and water the garden...

Be Blessed and know that some one some one is thinking fondly of you right now!
Shekhinah, Michael and all the kids and critters on Mahanaim Farm

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