Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Selling seeds on the mountain...

This year Mahanaim Farm is offering up some very special Heirloom seeds that we have grown and will continue to grow on our farm.  Our family is honored to be able to offer these seeds to everyone.  All seeds offered are open air pollinated, Heirloom seeds, but have been organically grown on our farm.  I do not believe in the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.  I believe it is important not only how we grow our plants but how our seeds are grown. 
In the commercial growing world, seed plants are allowed to have twice the level of pesticide as normally food grown crops that means more chemicals will be in the ground and in the seed, no one that I know what want that on their conscience. 
Our seeds come from the very best of our plants chosen for fruit or vegetable shelf life, size, quality of produce.  In this photo you see my son Elijah holding an unripe pumpkin.

You can see he is a bit sad, but winter was coming so the pumpkin had to be picked and brought into the house.
Each of the two patches produced a huge number of larger pumpkins with good meat and lots of yummy seeds.  Below are some photos of some of our pumpkins and even a prize winner from the fair.

The pumpkin is behind us, we had too many things to get into the photo, that’s the way it is sometimes.  Too much yummy home grown food, for one photo, next year we will take more photos.

You can expect pumpkins to look like this when full grown.

The photo below shows one growing on the fence.

These seeds are available in sets of five seeds for one dollar, plus a little extra for shipping.

If you are interested in purchasing seeds, you can pay us through paypal, or with cash or money order by mail.  Our email address is raziel133@yahoo.com
Please let us know how you will be paying and how many sets you would like.

Be Blessed 

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