Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Good evening from the Mountain and a peek of America's college system

Good evening from the mountain, I have been almost totally consumed with school for the past few weeks so I am sorry for not touching base with you all sooner.  The farm is slowly coming back to life and so am I, spring is creeping up on us ever so slowly.

I have started some tomatoes, some beets and some peas.  I want to plant some more turnips, but have not had the time.  Some of the birds have started laying eggs, that makes me happy.  We have new puppies, not so happy about that...but it is what it is!

Aside from that I have been doing tons of school work as I have shared with you below.  This is one of the reason America can not compete with other countries.
Below is an assignment for a discussion board in one of my classes at Ozark.  I swear the drivel they put into the heads of our youth is ridiculous.
I want to say for the record that not all people are the same, nor should they be judged that way. A tall person could have a far different "body mass" than a short person and both could be in perfect health.  It is nothing short of stupid to tell someone they will be sick if they do not measure up.

Then I think, hmm I wonder how many people kill themselves every year trying to reach this level of perfection or kill them selves as a result of not being able to.  I am all for people being healthy, I really am, but have a realistic goal and process for gaining this.  Not all people need to be thin or even want to be.  Only communism dictates such doctrine as all are equal and if not they will be made to be.  I ask did we lose a war?  Are we so image minded that we will buy into the dogma of BMI?

Just maybe our health issues and weight issues as a country stem from the overly processed food we eat, just some food for thought.

This was the question:

Please use this discussion thread to discuss how body composition assessment can help you each, as individuals, change an attitude of ignoring personal health and weight management issues into planning behavior change and long term success.  (ie. Why is it important to know your body composition and how can you use it to make behavior changes and monitor progress?)

Honestly I am unimpressed with the results and I personally will not use body measurements in this way.  It reminds me of the people who believed you could use measurements of people’s craniums to tell if they were sane or normal, how intelligent they might be, etc.  It even went as far as to tell if someone might be a criminal and even was used to diagnose health conditions by “real” doctors.  Hitler used a similar process to decide what the perfect person was.  Anytime people start relying on such methods, they fall prey to a replacement theology of pseudo-scientific hogwash.  Not only are these methods not accurate but they are dangerous giving people a false image of self.  Many women today live under the terms of beauty as defined by men and not nature.  On this I will chose to disagree with our book.

Stuff like this just really makes my day!

But back to the books for me...

Be Blessed

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