Sunday, November 30, 2014

How to deal with fear

Good evening from the mountain, I have been reading everywhere about people being afraid.  Fear is simply a lack of knowledge to deal with a given matter.  If you are afraid of being without food, learn to grow your own, and then learn how to dry it, can it, pickle it, salt it or smoke it, fear gone.  If you are afraid of the darkness, find ways to create light.  Fear of the unknown, once know is nothing but dust. It is within us all to rise above the insanity of the world we live in, to reach for the truth and to care for each other.

I know you are wondering what we are up to on the mountain, as we have not been online as much as of late.  Well, to be honest my school work has been a constant task taking more hours than I had planned on devoting, but if I plan to continue for that magic piece of paper.  I have to continue until the task is finished.  So I continue on, but just for another twelve days.

The farm is going as expected, we have started of course, with off grid preparations, though we are still short the money to finish at this time.  The new kitchen more than half way done is starting to look like a real room and less like a piles of metal scrap.  We will continue to do what we can to get it dried in for the winter and see what can be done from there.

Many people have emailed me from around the world asking about some of the odd things that happen her in America.  I can not say too much for some of them; America is a very prejudice  country, that at this moment stands at the zenith of xenophobic behavior. America may state that it is an open, friendly country, however how we treat one another tells quite a different story. The hate of others is filtered into all aspects of life, from tv to video games.  I do not feel hatred toward another race, but detest the debauchery of the whole thing.  I have read so many articles stating this fact or that fact.  When you find out that the people sent to fix the problems, to lower the anger, went out and did what they were there to stop. It is all just too sad.  America has had a good run of do as I say, not as I do, but the eyes of the world are now upon her, and it is time she became a goodly Nation.

On to the black Friday events, what can be said short of it all comes down to money and greed.  Dear ones if you must fight, could you not do it for a worthy cause such as the banning of all GMOS, or clean water, tribal lands, healthy children, feeding the hungry...but to fight over spending money that most people do not have on things they do not need.  Consider whatever holiday you celebrate to do so from your heart.  Make something for a loved one, even if this means learning a new skill.  Baked gifts are always a blessing.  Enough with the consumerism!  Enough with the endless debt!  Free yourself from the mundane and find a more peaceful home.

One more thing call your parents, they miss you!

Be Blessed Dear Ones...

Hand crafted art glassFrozen Anna snowflake

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