Thursday, November 20, 2014

The President of America must be drunk or worse...

President Barack Obama are you drunk or are you back on the herb? Who are all these people who agree with you on immigration? I can tell you I am not one of them.

If these people want to be citizens let them join our military.

As far as forgiving these people because they have been here five years or more, they still broke the law and they did so for five years or more. Where have they been working, because they were breaking the law the whole time.They have not paid taxes for five years or more. They have in many cases received free medical care and an education in this country.

Next I do not need you to preach scripture to me in regards to offering kindness. The people who rightfully came to this country deserve to stay these other people, rob the already poor of much-needed funds, they use scholarships that should be used for people born in this country! The elderly of this country should be cared for as well as they people who illegally came here.

You are talking about over 3 million people, up to around 5 million. I think it is likely to be on the higher end of 5 million people. At only $100. per person that is half a billion dollars. What in the heck is wrong with you sir to feel we as citizens of this land would be ok with that sort of gross use of our tax dollars?

Honestly Sir, this is no way to run our country!


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