Friday, January 21, 2011

After supper and what are we doing, day one of 365.

We ll I think we had a nice dinner, I am waiting for the kids to post and let me know.  I was surprised at how nice the meat was and how sweet it was.  Now Dah'veed will clean back up the kitchen.  Monster (our sour dough starter) is fed.  Next My daughter Rachael will milk Moo our cow.  We use a milk machine, so it goes fairly quick.  Next one of the older boys will bring in the milk strain it (these cleans out any little things like hair that may have fallen in the milk.  After that is done we put the milk in to clean half gallon mason jars and into the fridge so it can get cold.  In the morning I will skim off the cream and make sour cream.  It takes at least 24 hours to culture so it will be used on Monday most likely.  Than she will feed the horses, mine still need to gain some weight back from having her baby.  The others are just
Once theses things are all done and we get more wood on the fire, I hope to play on the WII.  The Wii has been one of the best things I ever saved for, took me and my daughter almost a whole year, but worth every penny. My friend Robin R. picked it up from me on black Friday at game stop in West Plains, MO.  Games stop is awesome too, because you can buy games there and you have a week to bring it back if you did not like it.  Plus the games are super cheap, like half of the price of wal-mart and they have a good selection of non violent, family favorite games.  The one Robin got for me for like $149 I think, it  was the Mario Super Nintendo 25 year anniversary addition.  It came with wii sports, which I just love and Super Mario, which the kids love.   The kids and I love to bowl together so it is really great to see them share and play together in a nice way, plus I am getting a work out.  the other great hing about this neat toy is that if you have a NetFlix account you can down load endless movies for around 8 bucks a month.  I like watching Dr.Who, My DH likes Babylon 5 and there is plenty for the kids to watch, plus we get a dvd in the mail,so we get some newer movies as well.  But we love it, Direct TV hates it cause slowly we are dropping programing and maybe even dump them all together at some point.  We have had them since 1997 and really I am so not impressed with them as of late, and than they change the channel line up and Oprah takes the discovery heath channel over, yuck!  Hate it. 
Anyway enough of my ranting I have put up a link for the WII we have encase you want to see it.  If you are going to find out about Netflix, I would go threw mypoints, get an account if you do not have one(if you need the link email me), you will get paid with points that you trade in from free gift cards,if you keep it(Netflix), they will give you enough points for a ten dollar gift card, it's like getting the first two months free.  On the Wii, at $203.  it is cheap,you get two 50 dollar games, one controller and numb chuck and the wireless game system,you will need wireless dsl service to use this with Netflix, Netflix also has down loads for the computer so you can watch movies there. 
Wii Hardware Bundle - Red

After the kids go to bed, I and the DH, will settle down and watch a little Babylon 5, we are watching it from the beginning. No's really great.  Than I have to take a quiz on line for Geography about maps,just to let you know they are no longer the Appalachian mountains,they are now called the Appalachian Highlands, hmmm who  Than a quick show a final check on the animals, which the goats would have their babies already....!   Then off to bed.   One day down, 364 to go.
Tomorrow, we will make peach jam,jerky, bake some more bread and I am not sure what else yet, but do join us.  Maybe we will have some new baby goats to love....(Just me dreaming).
Love you all See you in the morning....
Be Blessed

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