Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello and welcome to day 9 of 365 days of our lives on our small family farm

Today went got up early, kids had cereal for breakfast and we had pb+j for lunch.  We left here at 10 to go to a friend’s farm in Brockwell, Arkansas.  She has a lovely farm, with a lovely steel barn and four very sweet horses.  She also had a really cool hen house that was a little shed type building, with a concrete floor, heated water and three next boxes up high on the wall.  The play area for the birds was a dog pen connected to the little building and there was an opening in the side of the building for the chickens to come and go as they please.  Around all this she had a goat style fence.  It was truly amazing and I want to build something like it for some of our over flow. 
 After that we drove back to Salem and picked up a few things at the store and came home and tended animals, did email and we surprised a few minutes after we came by our friends Glenda and Richard. I went down to the basement and looked to see if I had enough glass to make some pendants and too see what colors so I could tell someone who was interested and then we walked around her and I doing the afternoon head check on the animals.  The baby calf we have left is so fat…lol  He looks like he I pregnant.
  I checked out all the pregnant mamas in the barn, no babies yet….I decided to move one group of goats to a different pen out there and that we needed to re-straw the bird areas.  Michael penned some turkens, I was surprised… 
We made rice with beef and peas with cream of mushroom soup.  So it cost us about 7 bucks to make dinner for 9 people and there is left over’s for lunch tomorrow.   So we spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening with them. I started on my anthropology homework and Elisha fell asleep after dinner.  Elijah is currently happy playing Mario…ughh, hold on got to put a little bear to bed, told him not to do that, last I knew he was on playhouse Disney.  Oh well it is late and he needs to go to bed anyway.   So it was a long day…and I am happy to watch House and then Elvira’s movie macabre and then off to bed for us.  The movie on there is “Don’t go to the basement”, sounds cool.
So below is the hubbies post, I love you all and wish you happy dreams of healthy food…

News From The Doghouse and the music is"Escape from the Island" from the movie "The Elder"...

Had my feet tickled by my Elijah alarm clock this morning, got things rolling and we had to head into Brockwell, Arkansas to work on 4 horses, got back home and finished the chicken chores, and water the livestock...then the rest of the day it was play with the Bears outside, they climbed on some fallen trees trunk, very good at balancing, then we walked around the SE corner to check some more fence, where the trees were down at, then they played on the swing set pretty rough on the slide, but it wears them out for a good night’s sleep. Then we were cracking nuts and munching out on our hickory nuts, pecans, and walnuts. Elisha really prefers the walnuts. Some company came over shortly after we had come home, so it was nice to have friends over. Still have not done any wood yet, and it is suppose to get cold again soon, like snow on Tuesday...kind of hard to know what is going on locally because our local programming on TV is supposedly bought and paid for and controlled by Springfield, Missouri interests, yet we pay for cable/satellite, I cannot think of a comparable example to this arrogance espewed by DirectTV...there is a local affiliate of one of the 3 major networks in Jonesboro, Arkansas but all of our news here is about S.,Mo....I never know what is going on or happening in Arkansas, and one of the stations from S.,Mo we are outside their viewing area on their weather reporting, so I have to rely on the Weather Channel local forecast...IF it was not for the PBS for the kids, maybe some of the shows we watch on FOX, I would cancel that "local" satellite TV Salem which is 6 miles away, they get Arkansas TV. Well. Sorry to rant, but it can be frustrating dealing with corporation automatons and minions a.k.a. morons. Hopefully, things will get better...hope everyone’s day goes well...

 Ok so Elijah has decided that he wants to add to the post today:
Hi my names is Elijah and I am five years old.  I love the wiggles!  I love to read my Wiggle book and my new Jewish book that I get in the mail.  I have a brother that is named Elisha and he is three.  I worked on horses to day with my mom and dad and brother and sister, it was fun.  I like to play the Wii, but my mom would not let me today, because I kept bugging her.  I hope to play on the Wii tomorrow. 
Shalom now

Be blessed all our dear friends and family…
What do you think of a chicken house like this...I also found this book I am thinking of getting.


  1. I have seen these on line before, they look great, the portable chicken coops.
    loving your blog

  2. Yes Michael said he would make me one, I am gonna paint it