Monday, January 24, 2011

day four of 365

Day four and live slowly returns to some sort of normal.    With Isaiah getting up before it’s even light out, to warm his Jeep up and go to school.  It’s his first formal year in college and we both go to Ozarka.
Ozarka for those who do not know is a very nice, but cheap local college.  He and I really like it there.
Rachael and Dah’veed are out milking the cow, who may be ready to have a baby soon.  We think she passed her mucous plug yesterday, so we could be in the last three weeks of the countdown,, it is really hard to tell as my cow is a wore, she ran off and got herself bred, so we are not sure if she took the bred the first or second time, guess I could have the vet check her while he was here, but I forgot, still have to call him today and break the news to him about the horse, I just could not ruin his Sunday like that.   Next Dah’veed will go out and refresh all the water buckets troths extra, animals are much more prone to dehydration in winter months than in the summer months.  I start my morning by getting kids up and getting the littlest ones feed, cleaned up and dresses, I recheck my school work and such and review all the email, check out many listings, work on this blog, post on face book and other sites and then redress and pack up for the day.  I rarely get more than a quick look at the animals on Monday.  Today before I reach school a little before 11 for class I need to wrap a box of Americana eggs, take them to the post office (because pay pal will not let me ship to a different address), go to the feed store, with quarters to buy some feed and then get some gas in the van, then off to school if all goes well.  I have math at 11 so I like to get there before I am all tuckered out.    After school I go to the gym and work out for at least an hour, than off to Wal-Mart to cash in some change a get a few things.  Than back home again, we are having left over’s tonight.
These are too cute I may get them for the new kitchen in the spring,tell me what you think.

Well have to get some coffee and Michael is off to feed the birds, which takes hours so I better get going, will write you all when I return latter.

Be Blessed

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