Monday, January 24, 2011

Day four of 465 part 2 the hubbies day

News from the Doghouse and how to have a near-miss with the cast iron
skillet, and the subsequent familiar gong sound...
Still in recovery from the passing of Elaine, my hands still hurt from
pulling on the rope, my finger joints burn ache, I think from
when we almost got her up and she went back down pulling my gloves literally off
very suddenly. Seen the other horses standing around her body, first thing this
morning when I went out the door, to start chores, check livestock, toss wood on
the woodburner for morning heat.

Today is Monday, trash day, a variation in the daily routine. At least it
should not be as rough as Sunday with the flood of memories hitting me all day.
I am trying to move on, I'll say more about Elaine another time.

Trash pick up is on Monday, usually mornings. I like to be prepared ahead
of time, so it takes planning and diligence. Today's load was only 2 large trash
bags of pure trash, nothing recyclabe or recoverable. Some weeks there are more
bags, so today I will take 4 bags of construction debris, mostly from the
trailer add-on, consisting of craptactular used insulation, drywall flotsam,
shingle garbage, ect.

I load this up in the trunk of the old Caddy, aka Beater with a Heater,
which is light years ahead of the old van aka Garbage Skowl, heh-heh-heh. It is
a 2 mile trip, one way, so usually I take a cup of coffee, and cruise slow, and
watch out for deer. Sometimes we see quail or turkeys, or turtles in the
appropriate season...This time I went by myself, mostly because it was slightly
cold, nearly 32F or 0C, not factoring in the windchill. Usually I have the Bears
and Rachael with me, and we "look" to see if there any "treasures", meaning
anything somebody threw away that we can salvage, to scrap, fix and sell,
donate, or use ourselves.

The drive was dark and dreary, cloudy and cold, yet it has this particular
beauty when you can see through the trees and see the landscape, the contour of
the land. It's a mess because of the damaged trees because of the previous
years' ice storm, but it is still all so magnificent.
Came home and did the chores, feed and water the peepers, do the laundry,
cleaned out the woodburner of ash, feed and water the chickens, ducks, geese,
turkeys, peacocks at the barn, plus the goats in 2 pens, roll hay to the horses,
water the goats, calf, sheep, and Moo in 3 pens. Did extra work, got up in barn
loft and brought down 6 bags of smashed cans and 4 feed bags of steel bands for
recycling, saved for a rainy day, in this incident, literally.

Now that I am totally free of everything, I can go cut wood relaxingly. I
am taking down branches that are bigger than most mature trees. This particular
tree suffered through the ice storm and like all the big trees around here,
eventually gets hit by lightning. I suspect that tree borers didn't help it
either. Thinking about making a totem pole from the nice straight trunk, but not
sure about that yet, but leaving out extended protrubences of the branches from
the trunk for beaks or noses, maybe the 2 arms of a preying mantis at the top

Rolled wheel barrow loads into the basement alcove, for the woodburner.
Should last and supplement my real good stuff for a bit, and have to focus on
burial detail, then more wood cutting, then working on the buildings and
vehicles. Not to mention what will pop up unexpectingly and what will dictate
priority inevitably.

Be Blessed Michael
The Hubbie,Dad, fix it peson of Mahanaim Farm

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