Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome to day 8 of 365 days of our life on the farm

To like all our days starts with feeding the animals and then getting all the human children fed and dressed for the day.  Today we had to take kids in for their checkups, there all fine and healthy.  I have one kid left to take and I think I will be caught up on most of the doctor stuff aside from taking the baby back to the dentist and Rachael back as well.  Ever so much closer to done.  Michael and I are getting glasses sometime next month, which will be a must needed blessing.
So we had roast beef for dinner, it was ok, but not great.  We canned the last of our black berry jam today, so I am thrilled about that.  I got very little done in the house today; hope to get more done tomorrow. 
I did find time to go out  and play with the baby horse today, and check the many bird nests that are about ht farm and so far laying is a bit slow, it was a nice warm day  today some I hope to have eggs in the morning.
 Be Blessed all...

Now to the hubbies post:
News From The Doghouse and the light at the end of the tunnel may be another train headed your way...

Did the usual bird chores with another long round with fresh waterers for everyone, while doing the first section in the barn had El Shaddai help me, meaning I had to close the gate going in and out the coop doors. For example, I had to shut the turkey door coop after feeding them, picking up their waterer with 2 cans in my hands and a food egg, try to shut the coop door without any escapes and at that moment a Curly rooster 4th generation decides its his day to attack me as well...I get out of their and shut the big coop door to keep El Shaddai out, while I still got Curly Jr. attacking my heels, get to the partion with the sliding board to keep the horses in their barn side, to get out to get more feed and water, the goats in the stall pop their heads out to get at me as well...its a lot of fun, sometimes, if its all unexpected, well....the Curly rooster is an occasional thing, this particular rooster a first time, usually the goats go after the cans, trying for a free divy at all worked out well, today.

Was all done with everything before noon today, but instead of wood cutting, we had to go to Mammoth Spring for the Bears' doctors checkup blah-blah-blah...then we went grocery store shopping, splurged on a Korean pear, large as a grapefruit, and then feed store, gas station and home, to chop some wood and gather some kindling to get a fire going to keep us warm tonight...yada yada yada...

Hope everyone has a happy shabbat, this week is Mishpatim, Exodus reading 21:1-24:18 and Jeremiah 34:8-22, 33:25-26

P.S. below is one of the books we own that is worth owning...I have a link so anyone else can look it up.  The photos are great and the knowledge is price less....

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