Friday, January 21, 2011

Setting up the blog for the first time and what's for dinner

Hi and welcome to the very first posting of my new blog.  So far this
is a real mess.  I thought since money is always an issue I would Monetize
this blog, that way, I don't know maybe we could make a little side line money
and be able to link to books and things we use or will use in the future.
So far this is a real mess, first off never decide to do something like a blog
and think, this will be easy.  While I am doing this block, this post
even, I am making Strawberry pear jam, getting things together for dinner,
which tonight will be smoked ham beef steak from our very own cow that we
raised last season and got back from the processor. 

This is Israel, he was born here last winter to our milk cow Moo.
We just got him back from the butcher a few weeks ago.
We had hamburger made from him with dinner last night.

This is some of the meat in our freezer from Israel and one of our lamb hides,we tan our own hides and store them till we have time to work on them.

This is hardwood smoked beef ham,from our little cow and it's what's for dinner to night.
Looks yummy right?

Ok so this is our strawberry pear jam cooking.
You need 16 cups of fruit, four are strawberry and the rest pear.
We cook and sieve our fruit from our pear pear in the summer, freeze it and than make it into jam when its cold and I nee the kitchen to be warm.  The strawerries are from our summer garden and frozen in their peek .
You need five cups of sugur, you boil the whole think til it jells on the spoon.

Warm your lids only, do not let the water boil, you will melt the seal, I know I have done it before.

See how nice it look in the jar.  it tastes even better.

Water cath for 12 minutes, set out on a towel on the table and leave it alone till tomorrow.

So I am currently on the phone with Amazon who has told me I cannot sell
hatching eggs she says they have a rule that says you cannot sell
live animals or body weird to link these two things together, but
funny.  This lady is a lovely American and I really hope she can help us
to do this.  I let her know I have bought fish off Amazon in the past and
sure enough three pair of guppys are for sale..this is so much fun like a
reverse scanager hunt.  So I am on hold listing to some very nice piano
Ok so back to dinner, Honey glazed real hard wood smoked beef ham( note the photo above).
Boiled potatoes with chives and parsley, lots of real butter and mixed vegetables
(Birds Eye, bought on sale at Wal-mart, for $1.00 per 12 once bag).
Friday night we always try to have a special meal and set it aside from all the
other days, of mostly past and rice dishes.
Ok I am back to talking to the nice lady on Amazon about our other stuff we
sell.  She is supper helpful and supper honest.  They seem to really
care, ok I feel good about using them.  They use Americans, you can talk
to them on line and they answer questions, without all the bunk of need to
transfer to a random amount of people and places.  So I will try very hard to start listing my
OOAk’s and glass on there today. Mean while I got some great ideas from Mandi
(I am sure you will correct me on the spelling), about using lots of photos,
which I will also try to figure out today.  Ok well have to go and get some other stuff done, my friends, cook
dinner, do my school work and go outside in the snow to the barn and check on
some goats that are getting ready to kid. Love you all
This is the veiw from our side porch, we have 4 doors, one in each direction.
You can see our milk cow, Moo out there and our puupy K-9along with sheep, goats and the horses.
This is growly and he guards the water build and keep s the place free of mice, plus he is really cute.
Growly again and our water building, this is where our water heater, well pump, washer and dry as well as our freezers live.
Veiw from the porch again, man it's just so preety.
Vewi of ur pond in the frount of the house.


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  2. Loved looking at your farm, sorry to hear about Elaine. Visiting from HSEduFreeMarket group. Hubby and I were just talking about learning how to homestead and maybe starting a little farm, we know absolutely nothing though. Well ok I don't his grandparents and mother were farmers. We are also in MO, St. Charles County to be precise. Looking forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know y'all.

  3. Thank you Mandy, she is greatly Missed. You are always welcome to ask us any questions and we are working on a free living ebook as well. We look foward to you joing us...Be Blessed
    P.S. Just leaned to answer this