Thursday, August 7, 2014

Good afternoon from the mountain

Good afternoon from the mountain, we have so much going on today, it is impossible to have a wrong or right answer for anything.  Sometimes the correct answer is neither.  Upon trying to sell off the larger animals, we were offered an offer on our farm, of course I said that we are in no way ready to leave the farm.  We have not even acquired another property, but she told me she had a dream, really odd, but ok, I will at least think about it.  Right now Alaska is a dream, and I have at this time no way of bringing it in to being, unless I have secretly won the lottery and no one has told me. 

Besides, it is the wrong time of year to move to Alaska, I would need to do that in early spring, which is many months away.  Then there is the quite strong fact that I still have older family to look after as well. No one ever seems to realize that I cannot just pick up and leave, though sometimes I really want too.

 I will say that each day living so close to other people is very hard, just this morning we realized we could not only hear but see people working on the small mountain across from us.  I did not like that at all, as it gives them full access view of our farm as well.  What a nightmare it will be when the trees drop their leaves soon.   I really do wish I could live so far away that I would not see people till I wanted to, on my own terms.

As to the events of the country I reside in, I want to state here and now, I do not want to be a part of the war that is looming in the background.  I do not agree with the President of this country in any way!  What America is doing is quite laughable in terms of its ridicules sanctions on Russia.  A man was on CNBC talking about it last night, saying that it would hurt our chicken farmers and create a glut of chickens in the US dropping the price down and making it possible for every American to have a chicken in their pot. Trust me Russia you are not missing out on anything, they feed their chickens GMO Corn, it is the poor of America who will suffer eating this substandard chickens.  It was just a few years ago that they stopped feed the chickens arsenic to make them gain more weight.  The after math of that was that our rice fields in Arkansas are contaminated with Arsenic and so is the rice, which like the rest of the world is the food of the poor. It is all a very sad affair to say the least.  Back to the main part of this rant, we as Americans have no right to interfere with yours or any other persons land holdings, Americas should look to taking care of its own country.

People here in the States go to bed every night hungry and some of those who don’t are forced to eat GMO food like items.  Poverty is real problem in America, many of the poor are fat, due to the food like items they are forced to consume, fat and starving at the same time.  Many die of unexplained cancers, no one care or listens when they speak. That is the life America wants to share…

Be Blessed

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