Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Good evening from the mountain and more puppy photos

Good morning from the mountain, while we were off line, we had taken the boys to get their photos taken for the local paper.  We all had at least one item that classified as best of show.  It was amazing to see the pride the boys took in their awards. Elijah took best of show for pears, a pumpkin and blackberry Jam, a family favorite.  Elijah had best of show for his apple pie filling and pears in his division, not too shabby for a seven year old.  Sadly we do not know how they did on the chickens, with all the excitement we forgot to check.  We took home more blue and red ribbons that I have dared to count and a good time was had by all.  The boys and I are looking forward to next year’s fair, if we remain in Arkansas.
 After we finished our fair time, we went to the local park that it’s just before the fair ground and went fishing; I know the boys had a great time and we bought one fish home.  They managed to catch more than five and I was every bit as proud of them as any mom could.
 The weather here is quite unreasonable at the moment, each time I feel as though I have accepted it; it goes to the other extreme.  Who knows what next week will be like?  They say it will rain and be hot.  This makes doing everything so hard.
Our pear tree which is loaded with fruit has started to ripen early as has our apple tree so now starts the rush to put up as much as we can for the winter that is coming.  Jars must be re-cleaned, new rings and lids must be bough, the new ones are made so cheaply that once water touches them, rust is soon to follow.  I must buy new rings and to do so I must buy them as a set, which means that all the lids I have our now worthless, so much for buying in bulk.  I bought some this week, nearly five dollars for a dozen, it made me sick because for another four dollars I could have bought another dozen jars with lids.  It is all so insane, I feel as though there is no winning that no matter what I buy it will not be right.
My tomatoes are starting to come on well and the cucumbers as well, I am sure the beans will soon follow.  We are still waiting to see what the blue corn will do; I fear it will do nothing.  My other plants such as the pepper seem to be trying to do a bit better; maybe I will still have enough to put up.  Only G-d knows.
Our puppies are getting so big; they are eating wet dog food now.  They have been keeping us up late at night, but they are still a delight.  They are the rarest of breeds a Heinz dog, no dog is a better dog for the farm.  No dog more loyal no lovable, no dog more plainly good. 

 Be Blessed dear ones

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