Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Good evening from the mountain and hydroponics is easy and cheap to do...

I still need a home, I am a sweet little girl and love to be loved.

Good evening from the mountain, I started on my college classes today, got most of them done for the week save the live class that I must attend at the early hour of eight o’clock in the morning.  That means milking goats at around six thirty, dressing gathering my things together and leaving by seven, just to make it there on time. I am not looking forward to it. 
I also still have paper work that has to be turned in in order to retrieve my books and in order to get my classes paid for.  America that land of endless paper work, it is so bad sometimes, I think I should carry a little file cabinet with me where ever I go.  Tomorrow I must turn in paper work that has been traded for other paper work; one group needs my taxes to be from the government the other will not accept the governments copy and insists on.  What a mess it all is, then on top of all that, they need me to give them the results of a test I did like two years ago that they had a copy of, in short they lost their copy.  I am less then pleased, but I just want to finish this degree and be done with it.
I baked a cake today, just a little reward to myself for making it this far, we are also having pot roast with fresh vegetables from the garden, life is good when you can eat your own food.
I and Michael have been working hard to keep the garden going and tonight I pulled more tomatoes off the vine.  I went out and used organic fertilizer in hopes to give the plants a small boost.  Hover with temps in the 100’s F there is very little hope the plants will make it.  I cannot give them enough water to overcome the heat and bugs.  So far I will not be able to put up enough tomato sauce to get us through the winter and no green beans.  That means the winter crops have to make, but in case this all goes bad, I have a backup plan.  I have been buying a piece here and there for the new hydroponics system that should help us make it through the winter with fresh food. 
I may have already told you about it, but if not here goes. The base of the unit is a 20 gallon Rubbermaid tote, or other brand tote, not clear, with a lid.  You will put the water and fertilizer in that, as well as the pots.  The pots, I bought on Amazon and they are hydroponic pots that measure 3 inches across.  I think I got 12 for fewer than six dollars.  The next thing I needed was aquarium hose and a two port aquarium pump, and two eight inch long bubble bars, got these at Walmart, Ten dollars for the pump, under three for the hose and less than five for the two bars.  All I had left to get was the clay pellets, like you would use for orchids, I ordered them from Amazon, around ten dollars for enough to do two totes full of pots.  Oh and the light, I use a very simple and cheap full spectrum florescent bar light, it gives 120 watts of light for under 11 watts, at a cost of around twelve dollars.  Total cost for one unit is around forty seven dollars, not including organic water based fertilizer and plants.
The first you must take the pots and trace six of them on the top of lid, then cut the holes slightly smaller than the pots.  This will allow the pots to set in the lid and later in the water. The next set of course is to set the pots in the lid, after this you will need to drill two holes just under the handle to run the aquarium tubing through, so that you can add the two bubble blocks in to the bottom of the tote.  Once you have the hoses run connect them to the aquarium pump. Fill tote with water and check to make sure that once you turn the pump on you have bubbles.  These bubbles are a super important part of the whole process.  Once you have bubble and all looks good, close the lid, and add the amount of organic liquid fertilizer into the tote which is now full of water and bubbling away.  Now it is time to add the pots and the plants, almost any plant will grow this way; I will start with peppers and tomatoes as we use tons of these.  The next tote I will do with zucchini and green beans and maybe I will add more latter.  When you add the plants, be sure to gentle wash off all the soil, then place the plants roots gentle in the pot, filling in the space with the clay pellets.  A few things to think about, once you add water to the tote is will be really hard to move, so place it were you want it first.  I set the light around 8 inches from the plants, moving them higher as the plants grow. 
Well the sun is setting in the sky and I need to go and get some other work done.

Be Blessed dear ones…

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