Monday, August 25, 2014

Still no rain and Ferguson

Well no rain here, thunder and the sky fell dark, but no rain.  Yet is was so unreasonable hot I swear I saw a butterfly melt.  Tomorrow it may rain, oh how we hope so, oh how we pray for rain.  Our gardens are in a terrible state.  I would like to talk to you more about the farm, but I feel I must get something off my heart.

I am now totally sick of Ferguson and the killing of a "teen", first off that "teen", was voting age, a thief and many other things.  I was not there to see why he was shot and I am sick that I even feel the need to side with the police on this.  I would love to see a toxicological report on that "teen", who minutes before robbed a convenience store on camera, brutally shoving a man, while clasping cigars that he had just stole.  I feel that in an area where over 60% of the population is black than a larger number of black people are going to commit crimes. In my area most people are white or mixed with Native American and guess what hardly any blacks go to jail.  Does that mean the police here are brutal towards people who are not that would be stupid, don't you think?  It is all relative, now ask me about the man who died in a police choke hold, cause that is what people should be angry about, and not so much this. Every bad person that is shot, black or white, native or other is first and for most a bad person, to say more is being raciest. If you think that it is profiling to arrest a criminal, then that is the problem, race does not matter, right and wrong matter and at the end of the day that is all that should matter.  As long as we allow race to be used this way, we as a race shall stagnate and die, because there can be no better tomorrow until we understand that we are all of race, the human race, though at this moment it saddens me to be a member.  Instead of dwelling in darkness, turn on the light!

Be Blessed dear ones

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