Friday, August 8, 2014

Good evening from the mountain...

Good evening from the mountain, another day another pest.  The bugs that made fast work of my potatoes has now found its way to my tomatoes, with dread I looked on as they ate not caring if I was there or not.  I returned to the scanty of my home sat down and pondered what to do.  I decided I would use an organic soap spray to deter them, maybe if I was lucky it would kill them before they had time to kill the plants.  These newest pests are some form of Blister Beetle that I am having a great deal of trouble identifying; I do plan to post photos of the vile creatures as soon as tomorrow. 
Along with this new pest is the fact the ground is bone dry, and though we have been watering the garden with water from the well, this water lacks the virtues of real rain.  We had tons of lightning last night and thunder, but no rain.  The gardens cannot take much more of this, so I pray for rain many times a day, knowing that places like Hawaii wish the rain would stop.  The weather is so crazy this year, and I cannot help but wonder what the winter holds for us all.

As for other farm matters, I did what I could.  I had to pick up our glasses over an hour from our home, for myself and my youngest boy Elisha.  The drive offered me the chance to test the AC and make sure it was up to snuff, and that the vehicle would no longer overheat when it was engaged.  It worked like a charm ran smooth as a hand carved wooden whistle. Cold air pooled into the van while the hot air is mixing in the middle from the open passenger side window; it was an odd sensation, cool with a rush of heat.  Even so I was elated that one issue has been resolved, but here is still the matter of the new motor for the passenger side door, it must be installed now without haste.

We also had a guest on the farm, who is interested in purchasing the cows, the goats and a few other animals, such as chickens that I have for sale.  Parting with these animals is a hard decision, but I think in lieu of recent events, it is the best choice I can make, at least for now.  She also was interested in the farm, though I made it quite clear that I was not interested in selling at this time.  I must have made it as clear as mud, for she insisted on knowing more about the property.  Some days are just like that, clear as mud.  I have offered to meet with her and talk to her again, at least about the livestock in the latter part of next week.  I will see what transpires of the event and keep you all posted.
This is Moo, our main milk cow.

Moo thinks she should come into the house too.

Here she is on my side porch.

She waits for us to return.

She was hitting the screen door with her head.

The perfect lawn mower.

My husband has surprised me with a trip to be taken in the next few weeks to the Plantation House in Illinois; it was the old slave house featured in my book “ABIGAIL."  I cannot tell you how excited I am to see the place in real life, instead of the photos on the web.  Just the thought of standing where Abraham Lincoln stood, where I have placed him with my darling Abigail, my heart is leaping in my chest just thinking about it.  I will take lots of photos when we do go and will be thrilled to share the results with you.

Well for now I should get off the web and get some rest; tomorrow is a busy day.
Be Blessed dear ones


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