Sunday, August 17, 2014

Good evening from the mountain

Good evening from the mountain, we are done with our trip and have sort of caught up with the farm chores.  My trip out of Arkansas and into the vast evil of Illinois was only moved by the much fouler people of the city in Missouri called Popular Bluff.  I can assure you all it is less than popular with me.  In my many travels across this country, there are few places I will not go willingly again.  The list is short but of great importance to sanity. The first place is Indiana, mainly because I spent time as a youth there and their laws benefit the rich.  The second is Georgia, they have been fixing the same strip of road since before I was born, I think and have yet to finish.  The third is Florida, where people get arrested and disappear forever; I still have nightmares from living there.  The fourth and final is not Illinois as one might think, but rather Popular Bluff.  This city one a very nice town has fallen to an evil that has made its self very comfortable.  Many businesses warn of leaving things of any value in your vehicle, the gas stations are all prepay; they take no cash over a twenty dollar bill and are rude to a level that in many years of touring America I have never experienced.  I will no longer even pass through their city, but shall drive the extra hour around them.  I would recommend you do the same.
In regards to the riots, we narrowly escaped, by the good graces of a kind and just G-d.  We would have driven right into the middle of the nightmarish hotmess that is a direct correlation with the lack of money and proper food in the region.  While America is out saving the world, her own people suffer from substandard water, food like substances and lack of viable and gainful employment.  I do not blame the riots on racism as much as I do on the expressed factors that I have stated and along with those I would like very much to add.  I can most clearly see that overcrowding may be a larger part of the problem.  In America cities, there is noise everywhere. There are people everywhere. and I can tell you when I kept too many rats in a cage with ample food and water to feed and hydrate them all, they would constantly fight and even kill and eat one another until the number became nearly half of what I had started with.  I think I can see the same thing happening within these cities, you have people who are constantly exposed to large levels of noise, lack of darkness to reset vital human functions, and again the food like substances and poor quality water, it is a war waiting for a time to happen.  I think we should be more surprised that it is not happing more often.  Is America a racist country, you bet, it all ways has been. Was this riot based in race alone? No, I at least do not feel that it is, I feel that these areas should be depopulated and people moved to regions where there is more space and potential for a healthy life.  Of course, many people will say that it is ridiculous to think this way, but it is even more ridicules to allow people to die and fight all the time because they live this way.  No one should have to live in a war zone!
Countdown to school day.  I just want to get the last of the classes at Ozarka College, done and over with, it is all just too much.  I now know why they do not graduate more people, and it is all very sad.  Never the less, life goes on and so will I.  I have four classes this term; I have not acquired the books yet, and one class has no teacher as of today.  I loathe the lack of seriousness that I feel should be a part of a good college.  Sometimes I feel as though the whole world has no order perhaps that is why I cling to this little farm, it is sanity in the middle of complete and utter chaos. When things go wrong here, like the sink in the bathroom leaking, it can be fixed.  It is a simple matter of getting the parts and fixing it.  In the real world when something is broken, and you can see it is broken, you will need a group of other people to see that it is broken. Then you will need them to meet many times to tell you how it might be fixed, to probe into how much it will cost and what method should be used.  If that is not enough, they will meet and vote on how it might be prevented.  In truth all things break, things get old and wear out, and it does not take an army of people to know or understand that. Just fix it and quit making a big deal about it, in truth life is just that simple, if you break it, fix it!  If you find it broken, fix it!  If it looks like it might break, guess what fix it!  It is that easy.  Everything else is busy work that benefits only the people who are meeting and not the people with the broken item.  If we ran our governments like we run our homes, the world would be fixed.  In reality, it is all the same problem.
So today I will rest after I get a few chores done, and tomorrow I will start working more on the winter gardens that need put in.  I will play with the children and the puppies, because who does not enjoy that?  Then I will cook a nice meal and relax.

Be Blessed dear ones

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